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The Secrets to Stress-Free Scheduling

Poor scheduling can be a major source of stress for your dental office. If your appointment book is full but your office is in high tension, your calendaring process may be interrupted.

How do you know if this is your schedule (not something else)? Ask the following diagnostic questions:

Did your practice cancel the reservation and did not show the outbreak?
Has your office been behind schedule?
Are you anxious to make an appointment in order to get to the next one?
How long does it take for new patients to be included in the schedule?
Does your schedule allow you to perform the dental surgery you want to do?
Will the schedule put too much pressure on you and your dental instruments team?
Your schedule is so excessive, do not you even have time to eat?
Did your schedule burn you?
If you answered yes to at least three of the above questions, your planning process needs to be fixed.

Establishing a more efficient and balanced timetable can ease the pressure on the entire dental office.

As you have a more organized and smoother day, your patients will receive more focused, high-quality attention. Your concentration, stress and depression benefit your patients, your team, and you.

Avoid production
A steady, steady schedule of peaks and troughs will enable your practice to avoid highs and lows in production. In addition to reducing stress, a balanced schedule improves office productivity.

The key to productivity is not how many patients you can see each day, but how many dental procedures you do one day.

I suggest not to target a certain number of patients per day, but to schedule the first, second and third surgeries together.

The primary program has a higher dollar value for them, such as crowns and bridges, pulp, dentures, parts and most cosmetology procedures.
Secondary programs have a lower dollar value, such as simple composite materials and extraction.
Level 3 programs have no added dollar value, such as the crown and bridge seat, suture removal and more.
In order to keep your appointment accurate, you must allow each dental procedure the right time. Do not overestimate your speed.

Analyzing how long each program actually takes in your practice is crucial to both the doctor and the assistant. Otherwise, your elaborate schedules will be based on hope rather than reality.

Pre-blocking the main program The secret to achieving the right combination of programs in the schedule is pre-blocking: Maintain a specific period of time per day for the main program.

Main blockade of about half of daily production goals in advance. Then you can add Level 2 and Level 3 programs around the primaries as needed.

For example, suppose your monthly output target is $ 70,000. If you work 16 days a month, then divide $ 70,000 by 16:

$ 70,000 / 16 per month = $ 4,375 per day
Now you have your daily production goals. Decomposed into:

Doctor and clinical team: $ 3,000
Health Department: $ 1,375
This gives you specific timing goals to help you achieve your production goals.

In this ebook, I share my proven management strategy, which includes:

Reduce not to show and cancel
Solve the top ten schedule pressure
Keep your team on track
Communicate your therapeutic value
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