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CBCT Delivers Precision for Practitioners, Confidence and Delight for Patients

When my wife and I were designating my dental practice, we wanted it to represent the actual smile that we wanted to go beyond clinical dentistry because a person is more than just their appearance. A smiling heart was born, bringing "a smile in your heart." To fully treat this person, we utilize many dental instruments techniques, including 3D imaging.

To be assured of implant implants responsibly, I need precise information about my patients. When I started providing implants, I would send the patient to a 3D CBCT scan next door. When we moved, my new office technical plan consisted of an internal 3D imaging system and an i-CAT FLX.

"3D imaging is essential for doctors who often implant implants."
3D imaging is essential for practitioners who often implant implants. Information on skeletal measurements, nerve location, and sinuses can be obtained to point out some aspects of the key anatomy. Using "old-fashioned" dental technology, clinicians can try to "feel" the amount of bone available to the implant using a caliper. Even with the two-dimensional X-ray mode, enough bone may appear to place the implant, while in fact there may be only a few millimeters of bone. These detailed measurements of bone height and density can be quickly obtained from 3D scans.

I studied many types of CBCT cells. I very much support letting my patients radiate as little as possible. For this reason, I chose i-CAT FLX because I could capture a 3D image with a dose lower than the 2D panoramic X-ray with QuickScan + settings. If I needed to ensure that all aspects of the implant were in place, I could capture a post-processed, low-dose image that was still within reasonable exposures.

The use of 3D scans allows patients to participate because I can better educate them at the diagnostic and treatment planning stages. My ability to rotate 3D volumes and virtually place implants helps them understand their own dental condition - a huge advantage.

In addition to implants, using 3D imaging methods can also expand the scope of surgery. Software tools help me collect information from people with airway obstruction or other respiratory illnesses to recommend further diagnostic procedures and appropriate treatment. We can also get information about TMJ, and I can convert 3D into a lateral ceph for orthodontic purposes.

If I see a worrying place, I can electronically send the scan safely to any expert or colleague in the world with just a click of a button. And the same is true for sending a scan to a lab or creating a surgical guide.

I just like this in a single scan and I can create a panoramic view of a side of the ceph and see the soft tissue and the sinuses. I can place the implant almost in front of the patient and can even implant it into the skin with 3D imaging software. This level of dental equipment pre-treatment plan will take patients and give them confidence. The mission of "Smiling Heart Dentistry" is to create a smile on the patient's face and in the heart, and smiling with my team if this is done. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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