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Why Embrace Laser Technology?

As a dentist, we can become comfortable in our practice, but every January, I consider the New Year challenges: growth in practice, office dental instruments and remodeling costs, staff, and of course new technologies. One of the technologies is diode laser technology. This is nothing new, but many offices do not see the benefits offered by diode lasers. If you are using the groove only in pre-crown pre-press, you will greatly increase the productivity of your practice and gain a better view of the crown for better crown impressions and better restorations.

This advantage can change your approach, but there are many other applications as well. Diode lasers can be used to perform gingival rebuilding, soft tissue resection, ciliary body resection, resection of soft tissue lesions, perio application and operculecotmies (all ectomies). Add in tooth whitening and TMJ and muscle pain treatments and you have a multipurpose tool.

In addition to the trough, it can be used for minor gingival readjustments to evenly separate the two centers prior to preparation, or to expose a second worn molars during echographic or your patient has not been removed for many years Fibroma oral surgeons have been removed. Periodontal application and the ability to change your health department are other reasons for adding it today.

"Jump to laser technology and change the way you practice dentistry."
Henry Schein and CAO Dental partner to provide two diode laser solutions.

CAO SHP lasers offer amazing technology, all the energy you need, and the ability to deliver whitening and pain treatments for TMJ and muscle applications. The output power of a SHP laser is 5 watts and can be used in continuous or pulsed mode to sketch or remove tissue. The laser also comes with a whitening attachment for less than 20 minutes of application time and pain-treating handpieces for the treatment of temporomandibular joint pain and muscle pain. Biostimulation applications (tissue healing, extraction sites and photocoagulation) can also be done with this phone.

The SHP laser system is unique in that it uses a touch-screen controlled laser iPod. One of my favorite features is the ability to use the iPod to get preoperative and postoperative photos and store them on the dental equipment for later viewing.

CAO LTM lasers do not have a whitening or pain treatment handle or an iPod, but they offer a lot of power, ease of use, and excellent hygiene at a lower investment.

CAO lasers provide one-to-one clinical support for reliability, good customer support, online training, and laser users with more than 15 years of experience. (I know because I provide this support.) is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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