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It All Starts With Imaging

Recently, our dental practices at Virginia Beach in Virginia have expanded and change is always part of any evolution in practice. Our top priority is to include technologies that improve our treatment plan and patient experience. We do not want to be "another dental clinic." With our experience, expertise and dental equipment in cosmetics, neuromuscular and general dentistry, we hope to provide our patients with everything they need to build a strong, healthy, and dazzling smile from a bespoke smile Transform Treatment Plans Restore and cure advanced cosmetic dental procedures. Imaging is the first step in developing a comprehensive care plan, and my new DEXIS ™ platinum sensor is the clear leader in this area.

In the early days of digital imaging, my X-ray system was sitting in a car from room to room. Over time, I used this brand to upgrade, although I have no impression of image quality. I noticed that my colleagues had clearer images than I am, which attracted my interest.

When we expand our office from five offices to twelve, we want to invest in the best products - what we consider to be "top" products. Henry Sean Dental Representative David "Rusty" Kratochvil and Wayne Boiselle are very helpful to achieve our goal. When I told them we did not like X-ray clarity, they suggested that we try DEXIS. Karen Kraus, DEXIS Regional Sales Manager, showed us the system and impressed us.

I am proud to be able to provide the most "advanced" procedures that dentistry can offer today, all from the very best of imaging.
I am interested to hear that a comparative study between the DEXIS Platinum System and my previous system shows that DEXIS is the best image quality with the most consistent image at lower doses and with greater patient comfort and more Fast workflow. When I looked at the DEXIS Web site for more information, I found that DEXIS hardware and software work together to compensate for the radiation differences, resulting in a more consistent image over a wider exposure setting. In addition, because the image is 2.2 million pixels, it can be enlarged or enlarged without loss of quality.

Every day I see sharper, more detailed images without knowing anything about the science behind them. The system has a ClearVu ™ image enhancement tool to define images even more, but even our basic image has a clear, clear appearance. When I remembered rotating the X-ray system in my shopping cart, I realized we could now run the platinum sensor from surgery to surgery and plug it directly into the USB port.

After thirty years of practice, I am happy to provide my patient with a comfortable, spa-like experience in our beautiful renovated space. I am proud to be able to provide the most advanced procedures that dentistry can offer today and it all starts with the best dental instruments imaging. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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