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Planmeca’s PlanScan Offers Color And Enhanced Scanning Speed

Planmeca introduced the new PlanScan with selectable color features and optimized scanning speed in PlanCAD 5.7, the latest software update. When activated, PlanScan gives dental professionals a new tool that accurately captures and visualizes the full color of the oral environment and possesses higher speeds, the ultimate chair solution.

Color changes in a hint
Planmeca's innovative color cutting-edge technology and activation dental instruments allow dentists to upgrade and activate existing PlanScan scanners for color. The new autoclave color tips are available in standard sizes and interchangeable with all PlanScan digital scanners. Once the color scanner is activated, the user can toggle back and forth between all hints (monochrome, portrait and landscape or color standards) on the scanner. "There is no such thing on the market today, and with revolutionary 5.7 software updates, revolutionary cutting-edge design allows me to color-scan without the need to buy a new scanner, which is financially justified," said Dr. Mike Moroni Say. "Clinically, full color enhances the definition of detail and margins,

Scan than Ever
Planmeca Scanning 40% Faster PlanCAD 5.7 gives users significantly faster work and allows users to process 3D scans faster than ever before. Powerful optics, fast data processing, portability and networking capabilities optimize the recovery process quickly, easily and accurately.

"We are proud to offer PlanScan an affordable and innovative upgrade service that not only increases the clinician's practical value but also improves the patient's treatment plan," said Jukka Kanerva, President of Planm CAD / CAM Group. "This upgrade proves that Planmeca We are committed to continually improving our products by offering new capabilities without the need to purchase new dental equipment. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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