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Reinvent Dental Products launches NiTin Sectional Matrix System

NiTin ™ Segment Matrix System Reinvent Dental Equipments, a start-up in the emerging dental industry, announces the launch of its flagship product, the NiTin ™ Segment Matrix System.

It is reported that NiTin ™ system is mainly used for Class II posterior composite prosthesis, the annular structure to stand out from the competition. Made of Brushed Nickel-Titanium alloy, a product used in medical applications, including orthodontics, the material undergoes a molecular alignment process that produces unparalleled spring quality, even after hundreds of uses Can guarantee "new" separation force. Elasticity is enhanced PEEK ® (polyetheretherketone), superplastic with its durability, which is used in the structure of the backing and the tip. Unlike non-brushed nickel-titanium, NiTin ™ cross-section matrix rings offer excellent flexibility and longer life compared to other ferrous rings on the market.

"This new system is a significant step forward in segmenting matrix technology." With the unique combination of materials and the only Rings ® and Nitinol found in the PEEK manufacturing market, we hope clinicians will be pleased because of our relationship with Nitin's performance And enhance the functionality with other products on the market, "said Jason Phillips, director of marketing. "In addition, the simultaneous introduction of Reinvent Dental Products and the NiTin ™ segment matrix system represents a significant leap in product innovation for the industry."

In addition to NiTin's advanced matrix ring structure, the kit is equipped with a matrix of significant curvature, which is said to make replicating tooth patterns easier and more predictable. The kit contains color-coded, anatomically correct wedges to help isolate and seal the band. The system is also equipped with an ergonomically designed ring placement clamp and a band placement and removal clamp.

NiTin ™ segmentation matrix systems and refill components are available directly from Reinvent Dental Instruments. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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