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Planmeca introduces ProMax

The imaging system is designed to open 3D dental equipment technology to all dentists.

Planmeca introduced the new Planmeca ProMax ® 3D LE, which offers a 2D and 3D imaging system ® imaging software combined with Planmeca Romexis' power. The new PlanmecaProMax®3D LE (Limited Edition) is the entry point for the Planmeca 3D imaging system and offers exceptional value without sacrificing quality.

"We are closely following dentists at trade shows and focus groups and many tell us they want to provide our patients with our key diagnostic and safety features such as SCARA robotics and ultra-low dose imaging capabilities," said Brett Hines, president of Planmeca. United States. However, they also told us that the cost of entering 3D technology is high. "

Hynes said that the new Planmeca ProMax ® 3D LE is the gateway to the imaging system that will turn on 3D technology to all dentists. It is reported that the new LE allows dentists to now provide technological advances to their patients and to upgrade as new features become available in the future.

"Clinicians will appreciate the unique Platinum® ProMax ® technology platform that will allow future upgrades and upgrades," Hynes said.

The Planmeca ProMax ® 3D LE is software driven and designed around the SCARA (Selective Complaint Articulated Arm) technology. "This keeps your imaging and diagnostic technology up to date without having to reintroduce new devices," he said.

Dentists can now plan and use Implant, abutment and crown models validated with Implanta's Romexis implant implants® software. Implant libraries provide more htan 66 manufacturers content and are constantly updated. Dentists can stack soft tissue scans and crown designs with CBCT data to create a perfect environment for implant planning.

The Planmeca ProMax ® 3D LE also offers:

Large Ø11x8cm Volume: Captures all teeth in one scan, including 3rd molar or airway and 3rd molar.
A 2D and 3D image sensor: No need to switch or flip the sensor. Take a true 2D panorama, TMJ and sinus image.
Unit 5-year warranty; sensor three-year warranty.
Planmeca Romexis ® implant planning software, which includes 66 dental instruments manufacturers and growth.
Including imaging and reconstruction of computers. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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