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Achieving the proper torque and speed in a handpiece

DDS is a General Dentist at Family Smiles Dental in Dallas, Georgia, and when he purchased her practice, everything including handpieces was included. Unfortunately, they are the original handsets, with at least six years of history. As those handpieces get older and older, it's clear they need to be replaced.

When that demand appeared, she did her homework and considered alternatives to many different manufacturers and because of the study she decided to buy four Bien-Air TORNADO handsets. Performance and price have solved her problem.

Problem: Old dental handpiece must be replaced.
Solution: replace the modern handpiece.

My situation is this: I purchased my exercise from another dentist and practiced my purchase at six years old. The handpiece was originally purchased by him. All handpieces are starting to die, so I need to try to find a handpiece that can be executed in the way I want. I was using KaVo at the time. I am using an old slips, I will tell you what, I love these Cavas. I'm looking for a handpiece that can do the way of doing slips. So, I tested some KaVos and I tested some TORNADO.

I am looking for torque, quietness and speed that I can get from the old slips but at a better price. It just worked for me.

Problem: She needs a handpiece with enough torque.
Solution: Upgrade to the handpiece that suits her needs.

Remove the prosthesis and remove the coronal porcelain crown - at other handpieces, torque and speed are far less than what TORNADO has. When I tested Running TORNADO and cutting the crown for the first time, I was just blown away by the speed and energy it had to be able to cut through the crown. This is really amazing.

I use KaVos a bit older, and I think TORNADO outperforms the handpiece I use. I was really surprised how they behaved. Honestly, I tested some brand new KaVos and I think TORNADO cuts smoother and faster - all this makes me love it more. And for the price, this is also a better handpiece.

Problem: The new equipment has a little learning curve.
Solution: Bien-Air representatives can help solve the problem.

The only problem I had at hand was the glitch that released the chuck. I introduced to my representative, and according to the handpiece guide we did not lubricate them. I think TORNADO must be oiled from the front and I think we did not put the oil in front.

The Problem: There are so many handpieces in the market that finding the right person to meet her needs - and her practice - requires a lot of research.
Solution: Bien-Air TORNADO fits all aspects of her practice.

It is very lightweight. I like. The curvature of my hand is very ergonomic. The head is quite small, so I can enter a small space. I like the whole handpieces. It is good for me.

I am not setting up electricity in the office, which is not what I want to add, so for me, electricity is not a factor.

Introducing it into my practice has just strengthened my ability to cut the prosthesis. If I use that TORNADO, and I have a new bur, it will cut like a butter. I mean, how fast it can be through my dental equipment program, which is amazing and is a huge benefit. The faster you can finish, the faster you can accomplish it.

in conclusion

Replacing the old handpiece with the new Bien-Air TORNADO solves Dr. Still's handpiece problem. With TORNADO's SteadyTorque technology, Dr. Still can take full advantage of the energy and energy she needs to get the job done. In addition, they are well suited to her personal processing needs and her practice requirements. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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