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How Palodent Plus enables you to do what’s best for your patients

A physician accepted the benefits of Dentsply Sirona's Palodent Plus segmentation matrix system for his patients and physicians.

When Dr. Paul Bylis used Dentsply Sirona's Palodent Plus segmentation matrix system in his Maryland practice, he knew he would get excellent results for his patients. The formula provided by the system is working properly, giving him consistent and reliable results.

Over the years, Dr. Bylis turned to Palodent in 2011 after using his original BiTine ring, and his decision made him unattainable.

Dr. Bylis evaluation of the Palodent Plus segmentation matrix dental equipment system

All the parts developed by Dentsply Sirona are very good. The Palodent Plus segment matrix system provides the entire package. As long as you follow the procedures they have set, you will get good results.

The system has a wedge guard to prevent damage to the adjacent teeth, which is a beneficial upgrade. Worn adjacent teeth is a risk, regardless of magnification and lighting quality. The only possible downside to knowing that I was a wedge guard gave me a feeling of comfort and relief throughout the process.

Wedge system is very passive. Its contoured V-shaped design ensures that it does not damage the tissue. They are stackable so I can choose to stack them together. If not, I can also enter from the buccal tongue and have a proper tooth profile without any bulge. The cross-section matrix is ​​color-coded and has a good natural silhouette, making it possible to get the anatomically correct contact.

These rings do not cause any problems with the shape of the proximal box; I always get a silhouette and anatomy correct repair. Ring does not take up a lot of arches space. If I use the isolation device and the working environment is very tight, then it is very good to be able to use a ring that is not too large. You can stack them side by side and consistently create great close ties.

This will of course benefit my patients. Any dentist who follows this recipe will be able to recover, and I think some of these repairs will take years to years of research, compared to the current research showing that taking 7 to 10 years. It is very difficult to correct the implementation of the repair, so it is very important dentists do a good job.

When I first started, we used a very forgiving silver fillings. The environment may get wet and they still can. Due to the corrosive effect, they actually have a better seal. With composite prostheses, the lack of any basic part of the formula greatly reduces the life of the prosthesis.

Lack of proper banding, proper environment, proper dental instruments selection, and pressure on the teeth may shorten the life of the prosthesis - especially if it is Class II where the box must be sealed. It is important to use a product that helps you achieve a reliable and consistent result that can be replicated throughout the day. The Palodent Plus system did it for me.

Invest in this system can not be underestimated. Palodent Plus gives you the best treatment for your patients and provides them with lasting restorations. It gives you the right profile and strip and seal edges, resulting in more predictable results. I found that you can always use the Palodent Plus to practice dentistry at a higher standard, which I can not do with other systems. This product is a product that changes the rules of the game, it will lead to more clinicians to obtain high-level results. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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