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Planmeca introduces imaging solution

The dental equipment CALM is designed to address physician concerns about patient movement during a 3D scan.

The dentist's chief disruptor for image quality is patient movement. During the dentist's appointment, the physician may need to perform several 3D X-ray scans to obtain a single image of diagnostic quality. Usually one child, individuals with special needs or elderly patients are challenged to stay still. This may result in multiple X-rays of the patient, adding more time to the patient and the physician and increasing the frustration of the patient and the physician, not to mention the additional exposure to radiation.

Planmeca created the Planmeca CALM ™ (Latent Motion Correction Algorithm), a proprietary Planmeca algorithm that addresses physician concerns about patient movement during a 3D scan. With Planmeca CALM, CBCT can report analysis and compensate for minor movements that may occur during the scan, providing improved diagnostic quality images. This feature (for all New Platinum ProMax Join ® 3D imaging systems) is designed to simplify the imaging process while improving diagnostic and reducing re-beat. Important benefits for patients: Reducing re-up equals reducing radiation while getting a better diagnostic image.

Dr. Dale A. Miles DDS said: "Dentists evaluating CBCT machines should be focused on each dental instruments manufacturer's solution to stabilize the patient in the machine." Planmeca CALM addresses the physician's need because it compensates for minor movements To produce a diagnostic quality image. This proprietary Planmeca feature will have a significant impact on patients and physicians.

Planmec CALM can be updated with the new Planmeca ProMax ® 3D imaging system or as an upgrade to existing equipment. The Planmeca ProMax 3D Series consists of a complete series of CBCT imaging systems with an optional digital 2D panoramic and head measurement system in the same unit. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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