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I Use That: CEREC SpeedFire Furnace

Dental chair is a convenient value-added service. Just one visit - usually less than two hours - the patient can finish a complete crown or bridge. Although appealing, these services are somewhat incomplete because doctors can not provide zirconium oxide on these visits. Zirconia prostheses need lab work.

However, with zirconium oxide materials such as CEREC SpeedFire furnaces and CEREC zirconia, doctors can expand their products to include such durable materials.

Satisfy the demand

Patients at Montgomery Willis Dental Care Company in Alabama are expected to return to normal on the same day. However, this rapidity slows down when Dr. Bradley Willis of DDS prescribes zirconia.

"We have been a CEREC office for many years," said Willis Dr Rachel Taylor. "So now the ability to make a zirconia bridge in the office is an added benefit. We do not have to send it to the lab and wait for it." Our labs did a good job, we did not feel dissatisfied with the lab, just Wait for the bridge to come back. "

As a CEREC physician, and seeing the need to provide patients with the same day of zirconia, Dr. Willis longs to start using CEREC SpeedFire.

"Until SpeedFire came out, we did not have the ability to roast zirconia in the office," Taylor said. "It's a process that used to take hours in the lab and now takes 30 minutes or less, depending on the thickness of the restoration and the size of the restoration, but it's usually 30 minutes or Shorter, being able to provide something like zirconia in one visit is amazing for us. "

Why zirconium oxide is important

Other materials used in chair systems, such as ceramics, are indeed beautiful and durable when needed, but in some cases require stronger materials such as zirconia.

"Zirconia is a harder material," Taylor said. "For those clenchers or grinders who have broken other types of materials, zirconia is a good choice."

Zirconium oxide is a good material for Dr. Willis, but previously it could only be made in the laboratory.

Dr. Willis said: "Zirconia is the material that has always attracted dentists because of the durability and fracture resistance of zirconia." This is predictable and reliable. The problem with zirconia is that it takes a week or even two to get out of the lab. So, if you are an office like mine, and those patients are accustomed to recovering all the restorations on a visit, then it can be difficult when you want to use zirconia. You are forced to get them back. Now I do not have to do that. The patient can be recovered in one visit. "

Zirconia is also known for its durability.

"Based on the zirconia knowledge of the last 10 or 15 years, and the conclusions drawn from reliable materials, I now have the confidence to put the zirconia restoration in the patient's mouth in one go, possibly a Brussels patient, a heavy fitter and Grinders, these restorations are durable enough to withstand the forces those patients are going to exert, "Dr Willis said.

In addition, these dental instruments are enough to make Dr. Wells' job easier.

"The beauty of zirconia is that it gives you more flexibility in tooth preparation," Dr. Willis explains. "Materials can tolerate or sustain changes and subtle differences in preparation techniques that other materials may not be able to resist.I always think CEREC makes you a better dentist when you see your preparation screen over and over again When it is blown open and enlarged, you start to modify your preparations and improve your preparation as you see them in real time, in real life. But zirconia materials are more forgiving, and some of the other materials in terms of preparation thickness and profile Zirconium oxide is more forgiving in this sense. "

For SpeedFire systems, CEREC offers its own material CEREC Zirconia Variants.

CEREC zirconia has high bending strength, suitable for single crowns and bridges, and can be processed to thin-walled thickness. Since these restorations are made in monolithic form, there is no risk of chipping. Another benefit of a dentist is that zirconia can be bonded conventionally. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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