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Diamond impregnated rubber wheel

By using a rotating dental equipment in which the abrasive grains are tapered, the restoration can be finished smoothly.

“With the trend of all people using all-ceramic, zirconia and e.max and lithium disilicate, the trend toward full ceramics is changing the way we do our jobs,” said CDT Jason Atwood, senior digital solutions consultant at Core3dcentres. “Carbide has become a thing of the past. Almost everyone uses diamonds and stones and rubber wheels to complete their trimming and assembly. I suggest using diamond impregnation on all-ceramic crowns to complete your profits and similar things. The quality rubber wheel. "

For example, Ferguson pointed out that Wagner provided its "Berrys" series GoldenBerry, RedBerry and BlueBerry.

"They are very suitable for polishing and using zirconia and lithium disilicate," he said.

Digital workflow

The digital workflow emphasizes dental and laboratory work in the 21st century. Intraoral scanning in a doctor's office and then completed and ground in a doctor's office or lab is the current trend in restorative dentistry. Doctors and laboratories can complete the workflow as much as possible because they feel comfortable - or the budget allows.

Digital camera

Simple things like digital cameras can help doctors and labs communicate cases.

"If I'm in a traditional relationship, I send a body image to the lab. One of the best dental instruments is a digital camera," Dr. Rice said. "I was able to take pictures of what I saw, so the lab can see it too, which is very, very useful."

The expensive digital SLR camera is the best, but Dr. Rice observed that there may be a good enough camera in your pocket.

"In a perfect world, this is a SLR camera," said Dr. Rice. "This will provide more information. In an imperfect world, if I do not plan to go this route, my smart phone is a good aid. The new iPhone and Samsung camera are very good, this is a photo shoot It's easy. It's really not intrusive for the patient, and then it can easily send images or emails. "

STL audience

When digital dental cases are designed on a computer, the results file (STL file) can be shared with other members of the team. Although the files are usually viewed on a computer, using the STL viewer makes it easier to view the files.

"You can even download the [viewer] on your phone, which can improve the communication between the lab and the doctor," Ferguson said. "If I design something, I can send it to the doctor, he can spin it and look on the phone. He can say 'change this', or 'it looks good.' There are a lot of free, but now It's easier than ever to share files."

Intraoral scanner

More and more doctors are using traditional impression materials and digital impressions using intra-oral scanners. Scanners are highly praised for their ease of use and accuracy.

"It's best to get a digital impression," says Dr. Paresh Patel, DDS, implant implant specialist, Parish, Lake Norman, North Carolina. "I think everyone would say that the fit of CAD / CAM will be better than the traditional one, pour it, digitize it, and then recover from it."

Justin Marks CDT, founder and CEO of 3D printing manufacturer Arfona added: “When 3Shape first used it for RPD applications, we were fortunate to be able to become a TRIOS system lab. “The results are very good. We not only have a perfect mucous impression (particularly important for our Valplast part), but more importantly occlusion registration is more accurate than traditional wax bites. "

Virtual prescription

An intra-oral scanner can send virtual prescriptions to the lab, giving the lab an unprecedented understanding of the doctor's needs.

Dr Rice said: "All of these systems allow you to make virtual prescriptions. That's great." From the ease of use point of view, this is helpful because I'm already using my oral scanner to capture My impression. This is also useful because it is real-time. So, the system you use is not much different, but if you have a good relationship with your lab and you send a digital scan, they can reply to you within minutes and the patient is still present. This is very useful, because sometimes I want my lab to contribute to my preparatory work. Sometimes lab technicians can say, 'Oh, you know? This is really good, but if you can make a slight change to this shape, or you can provide me with this information. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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