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I Use That: Futudent EduCam

A dentist's benefit to Futudent's magnifying glass camera.

Dr. Wayne Hollar first started using the magnifying glass camera in 2007 and he hasn't picked up his oral camera since then.

He has always been very satisfied with the advantages provided by the magnifier camera and turned to Futudent in 2014. Futudent not only provided the highest resolution camera at the time, but also provided the best support. Here are some of the other dental equipment benefits that Video Dental has brought to its practice over the years.

Wayne Hollar's Evaluation of Futudent's Loupe Camera

has many benefits. I use the camera on every patient every day. For different patients, this is a different application because I use it for hygienic inspections, limited problems for centralized inspection and recovery procedures. For hygiene, when I do an exam to watch the patient on an overhead monitor, I can see what I see. So they can literally see what I say to them. The same is true of problem-centered exams.

When I use the camera for a repair procedure, the patient does not look at it at all. They are watching TV. I have the camera output displayed on the monitor behind me and my assistant can see what I see, which is helpful. If the assistant can't see the teeth I'm working on, then I can't see the teeth I'm working on. If the field is blocked by a pipette or air syringe, or just watered in a mirror, they will see it in real time and be able to respond appropriately.

In addition to the ability to diagnose with adult patients, Futudent also helps us to establish rapport with pediatric patients. We talk about seeing their teeth on TV and we do it's game. They see exactly what we are doing with mirrors and explorers, which helps to ease their anxiety.

My health professional also recorded that I was taking the exam. As they write or graph, they see what I see on the adjacent screen.

In addition to hands-free, the magnifying glass camera is like an intra-oral camera. Anyone who has ever used an intra-oral camera knows that there is a problem with fogging, and there are problems trying to position the camera on the surface that is trying to demonstrate. Only place where you want it and show what you want to show is just a nuisance. You don't have a camera with a magnifying glass. Basically, whether I see through the magnifying glass or not, the camera is displayed on the monitor. I got a better image than an oral endoscope. In this regard, it does help people understand and master the problem. Otherwise, they will only listen to our opinions.

Having people see what you see on the spot has great benefits, but you can also record anything in still pictures or videos and share those recorded images. For example, when a grandparent takes a grandson to a health visit, this may be convenient. We can record videos and simply send parents a link. I don't do this every day, but I use cameras every day to capture certain features or other dental instruments features. The wow factor will never really grow old. The intangible rewards it provides to you and your team members for helping and understanding your patients are enormous. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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