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Taking a look at some of the top dental chairs and treatment units

Forest Dental 3900 Seat

The 3900 dental chair is designed to provide molded rather than vacuum formed plastic for longer life and better wearability. According to reports, the chair offers many upgrades and options, including nine powder-coated finishes and 18 upholstery colors to choose from, three upholstery options (seamless, stitched and memory-comfortable), contrasting stitching and Two-tone interior. Additional options are said to include narrow backs with slings, knee pillows, pedo-wedge, IV boards and an independent back massager. Manufactured according to the exact specifications of each dentist, the 3900 chair is designed to provide the best value for today's market.

KaVo ESTETICA E70 / E80 Vision

The KaVo ESTETICA E70 / E80 Vision is designed to provide simple operation, integrated solutions, smooth workflow and automated hygiene - included in ergonomic suspension chairs. The KaVo ESTETICA E70 / E80 is designed to allow dentists to customize their dental equipment to meet their professional and practical needs. According to reports, many functions can be individually applied to practitioners, including the type of treatment, the direct key assignments on the start screen, and the names of practitioners. It is said that along with the new and innovative interfaces, devices and extensions can be added at any time. The backrest and headrest are designed to relax the patient, provide tailored comfort, easy work flow and flexibility.

MIDMARK Elevance ® Dental Chair

The Elevance® dental chair is said to be designed to provide complex styling, optimal patient access and superior patient comfort, making it the true starting point for any chair on the market today. The thin, narrow cast aluminum back is designed to achieve optimal patient access and excellent patient support. The exclusive SerenEscape ® hot compress and massage system is designed to enhance the patient experience and keep the patient relaxed. A unique Cantilever Forward® is said to be designed to allow greater flexibility and unmatched range of motion. This chair is a chair only, left/right and console installation configuration, and it can be paired with Elevance® or Procenter delivery system.

Spirit 3300

The Spirit 3300 is built on a solid foundation and is said to provide physician access, patient comfort and aesthetic appeal. The narrow backrest and the ability to lower the chair to the ground are designed to provide the ideal oral access for any body builder in a comfortable ergonomic position. According to reports, according to the design, patients can easily access and provide enhanced stool access. The dual touchpad with one-touch programming features is designed to simplify the operation of the chair and minimize unnecessary movement of the dentist and his team.

Quolis ® Q5000

The Quolis ® It is reported that the Q5000 Dental Chair sets a new benchmark for operator and patient interaction, with advanced features for appearance, comfort and accessibility. With a thin, narrow backrest, the chair is designed to provide each patient with a higher level of access, which is said to bring about a better working posture and a convenient work experience. Synchronous backrest tilt mechanisms have been reported to increase patient comfort. The mechanism is designed to simulate natural body movements and support the patient seamlessly as the chair moves. The vibration-free hydraulic system is specifically designed to allow easy adjustment of the seat for a smoother transition between patient treatment positions. With its convex shape, it is reported that the biaxial headrest supports the occipital bone when the tilt mechanism moves the head to allow access to the oral cavity. The handrail oscillates outward by 130 degrees, creating a wider entrance and exit area for the patient, and the integrated armrest touch pad is designed to allow doctors and assistants to easily access to adjust the positioning of the patient's seat for treatment.

E Sense TM Nautica

Westar's E SenseTM Nautica delivery system is manufactured in the United States and is designed to combine quality and comfort. According to reports, the chair is made of 100% steel structure including a cantilever base. The chair is said to be equipped only with the highest quality motor, a double articulated headrest and a seven-function foot controller with two programmable current positions and an automatic outlet. In addition, you can choose to add a programmable touchpad with five presets. The chair has a five-year warranty and there are four different interior options. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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