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A review of EverEdge 2.0 Gracey Curettes

Hygiene is an important part of the patient's overall oral health. When it comes to dental instruments, investing in a curb that does a good job and keeps it clean can have a major impact on your results - and reduce hand fatigue.

Since the 1940s, Graciecret, invented by Dr. Clayton Gracie at Hufrid Friedman in Hufridi, has become part of many hygienist instrument inventory. Hu-Friedy touts their latest Gracey curette, the EverEdge 2.0 Gracey Curette, unlike anything you've ever experienced in a scaler.

We talked with registered dental hygienist (RDH) Tami Wanless about her experiences with Hu-Friedy's EverEdge 2.0 Gracey Curettes. This is what she has to say.

In January last year, I and DuPage University's first grade oral hygiene student went to Hu Frididi to visit the instrument manufacturing process in Chicago. During our visit, I was introduced to EverEdge 2.0 (EE 2.0). I brought this new instrument back to my private practice and assumed it would be as sharp as the original EE. I was stunned by the alarming degree of the first patient I scaled. For the constant sharpness of EE 2.0, I don't often run in and feel very sad.

What is your favorite Ever-Edge 2.0 Gracey Curettes for Hu-Friedy? How do they compare with others in the market?

As an educator, my top priority for my career is my top priority. When using EE2.0 for deposit clearance, I was more efficient than any other tool; it was so sharp.

Clinically, I use less strokes and lower lateral pressure in the front area because they are very strong. At the end of the day, my hands are less fatigued and I don't need to run in often. I have never used such sharp other instruments. EE 2.0 not only works happily in private practice, but it also does a good job of introducing this clarity option when working with my students.

What is the result and/or response of the patient?

Multiple patients may hear differences when the cutting edge removes sediment. They asked during the appointment: "I have more plaque, because it sounds like you are doing more scratches?" In addition, when I was blowing on the surface of the teeth, the result of the removal of the chalky sediments occurred. Significant changes.

What benefits have you seen since using the EverEdge 2.0 instrument?

Using EE2.0 triggered a number of conversations between me and the patient about these new "purple" instruments. At any time I can prove to the patient that I am using the best things. I know I am providing a practice environment that they can rest assured and will discuss these issues outside of my operating room.

The moment I started using EE 2.0, patients also noticed changes in their health visits. Using a sharper scaler will benefit my patients by providing a more comfortable way, and I know that I am providing them with a healthier oral environment at the same time. Integrating EE 2.0 into my practice is like integrating a magnifying glass - you don't know what you're ignoring until you see the difference.

Why did you recommend it to your colleagues?

It is easy to share the facts about EE 2.0 with other health scholars - all they have to do is use EE 2.0 once, and sharpness itself is clear evidence. I recently had to take some time out of my private clinic so I had a friend who taught me to fill in for me. She was ecstatic about using EE 2.0 and immediately felt significant clarity and value.

Hu-Friedy recently donated an EE 2.0 dental equipment to a mission project that I worked with. If you have ever had the privilege of enjoying a dental treatment, then you know two things: First, in a private clinic you will work harder than ever; and two, instruments may not be sharp or sharp. When I told them that they would use the new Hu-Friedy Ever Edge 2.0 device to clean up all day, the volunteer health professionals laughed! After treating nearly 500 difficult patients, we don't have to run in. By not taking the time to stop and run in, we can help more patients instead of trying to provide the best possible care.

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