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Choosing the right dental laser for your practice

When a dental equipment laser was first introduced several decades ago, a few pioneers regularly used the technology. Many of these early adopters were the same group of dentists who helped start the push for minimally invasive dentistry. Many reasons lead to slow adoption. The high cost of hard-tissue lasers on the day scared many clinicians, while others feared a limited number of learning curves and indications.

Lasers but these problems have long been solved. Today's lasers are easier to use, cheaper, and research supports the use of lasers to obtain more and more programs. So you can see some lasers in the following pages. Whether you are considering a whole-company laser or a soft-tissue model, these lasers offer a variety of costs, sizes, and features.

Touch to suck

The LiteTouch laser is described as easy-to-use, affordable, and complements the award winning in any exercise. Allegedly, other hard tissue lasers are only half the size, weight and price, and it allows the practice to provide the most advanced technology. LiteTouch is ideal for cavity preparation, bone surgery, periodontal treatment, pulp surgery, implant restoration, peri-implantitis treatment and soft tissue surgery.

LiteTouch Testimonial

The two largest phobia patients of all ages are undergoing dental treatment and they have to be “treated” (local anesthesia) as well as the sound and feel of the drill bit. This is especially true in children and may make people avoid nursing care during the initial stages of tooth decay. AMD LASERS LiteTouch lasers can make tooth decay treatments more comfortable, and in most cases do not require shooting and do not need drilling sensations and sounds. It can make the treatment more comfortable experience, while improving the quality of care we can provide for patients - DG Gregori M. Kurtzman.


Picasso designed for dentists and hygienists. It is described as simple to use, looks great, and is a popular choice around the world. The Picasso dental laser design provides the ultimate dental instruments for the treatment of soft tissue surgery. From laser cutting, through laser gingival sulcus, safe implant restoration or laser periodontal treatment to get a better impression, Picasso soft tissue lasers are designed to provide the most effective and economical solution for every dental clinic.

Picasso Laser Customer Reviews

Eight years ago, I entered the diode laser with a Picasso Lite laser. I observed immediately that the improvement and tissue reaction were exceptional because the cutting effect of the diode was small at the time of electrosurgery, and the patient routinely showed no postoperative discomfort after treatment. The laser energy stimulates the tissue reaction, so the site is healing faster and without inflammation. This laser has changed the way I practice, allowing me to manipulate soft tissue with better, predictable results when modifying aesthetic reasons or needing to expose subgingival rot to recover these areas - Gregori M. Kurtzman, DDS.

Waterlase iPlus

BIOLASE's flagship, all-laser laser Waterlase iPlus offers dentists the benefits of many common dental procedures, using minimally invasive laser energy and fine water mist to gently remove hard and soft tissue. The latest model now incorporates REPAIR Perio and REPAIR Implant, two laser-based power laser protocols for managing early-to-moderate periodontitis and peri-implantitis in a common dental environment. Both protocols can easily remove diseased tissue and calculus. For cutting teeth, Waterlase iPlus helps to eliminate the micro-cracks associated with traditional dental drills and the risk of heat damage and cross-contamination. In addition, laser precision has been reported to allow minimally invasive treatment, with less removal of healthy tooth structure and soft tissue. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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