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The best time to invest in dental lasers

Accurate L TM

CAO Group is a high-tech dental product and dental equipment manufacturer in West Jordan, Utah. The precise LTM diode laser system provides a variety of ways to communicate with the team through free online training videos and telephone support, demonstrating the commitment of the CAO Group to customer care. According to reports, the use of laser technology can generate daily homeostasis and leave an impression, making it easier to focus on implants and more challenges, thereby providing simpler, faster, and better solutions for improving patient care. Precise® diode lasers are designed to provide everyone with something. The Precise LTM is a main unit and is said to cost approximately $1.50 per use, and is said to be the lowest per-use laser system on the market.


Solea® is the first and only laser that can cut any tissue in a single setting. It is said that its software is very easy to use and any dentist can become a laser dentist. This one-size-fits-all method is suitable for tooth structure and bone and soft tissue, so that any dentist can reliably provide anesthesia-free, blood-free, seamless and painless results. The user opens it, directs the beam to the desired tissue, and steps on the shift pedal. With Solea, dentists can dramatically increase efficiency, perform multi-quadrant dental procedures, and now often offer soft tissue surgery.

NV PRO3 Micro Laser

NV Microlaser is widely recognized for its convenience, portability and ease of use. The next-generation NV PRO3 Microlaser maintains the same functional and ergonomic design as the NV, as well as a redesigned lithium-ion battery with overcharge and under-charge protection, software updates and improvements, and other preset program settings. This latest development in cordless soft tissue lasers has now been optimized for periodontal, restorative and orthodontic needs, with the aim of enabling dentists to easily deliver the advantages of laser dentistry to a wider range of patient types.

LightWalker ATS

The LightWalker laser series offers a range of real-world applications for today's dentistry, and true, practical dentists need their practice now and in the future. According to reports, clinical options with high-speed tilt and flawless handles have expanded beyond traditional dentistry. LightWalker is designed to provide simple use while maintaining high standards for dental treatment such as: dental pulp disease, dental implants, periodontal disease, conservative dentistry, soft tissue surgery, aesthetic treatments, snoring and sleep, and facial aesthetics. In addition, using the Fontona LightWalker for use with proprietary protocols and handpieces, NIGHTLASE® is a fast, non-invasive way to improve the quality of sleep in patients.


LightScalpel is committed to providing dentists with the best and most cost-effective soft tissue CO2 surgical laser solutions. LightScalpel Soft Tissue Lasers are the dental instruments of choice for many dental procedures such as ciliary nerve resection, vestibular plasty, biopsy, gingival resection, gingival plasty, soft tissue coronal lengthening, fibroid resection, and trench debridement. Treatment of acne and herpes lesions. LightScalpel is a designer and manufacturer of FDA registered CO2 dental lasers and accessories. LightScalpel laser technology is derived from Luxar technology; Luxar was the first soft tissue surgery CO2 laser introduced in 1991 and is designed for small office environments.

What makes the LightScalpel laser system unique is the proprietary hollow waveguide flexible fiber optic delivery system that allows the dentist to move the laser head without restriction. LightScalpel's air-cooled all-metal laser tubes are designed to be durable and durable, ensuring low maintenance costs. The LightScalpel's CO2 laser wavelength of 10,600 nm is said to have the ability to evaporate water-rich soft tissue to make it the truest “highest precision you can see is what you get” laser. The incidental heat effect is small but sufficient to stop the bleeding. According to reports, the CO2 laser is the only practical soft tissue surgical laser that uses a laser beam to directly cut, ablate, and photothermally solidify soft tissue. Any skilled dentist can easily learn flexible fiber CO2 laser surgery. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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