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Digital Dentistry Benefits

From excellence in patient experience and care to advanced dental equipment technology, the dental field continues to provide dentists and patients with CAD/CAM solutions with better dental services. Digital dentistry has a long way to go for both patients and dentists with the quality, comfort and speed of creating restorations. Patients can now expect a dental exam without having to arrange multiple visits; the dentist can now schedule a scan on the Planmeca PlanScan to design and construct restorations.

Digital Dental Benefits:

Accuracy: Laser technology can create and rebuild images of patient's teeth very accurately
Speed: Improves workflow efficiency by requiring only one visit per patient
Aesthetics: natural contours and colors make a beautiful appearance
Quality: The restoration will match the strength and appearance of the laboratory-produced restoration
Comfort: No more sticky impression trays - Bring an unforgettable experience to your patients!
Digital-dent-1.jpg The benefits of digital dentistry
The Planmeca PlanScan is used in conjunction with an on-site processing station to design and repair the restoration itself in the dental clinic. There is no more waiting period for your repairs to come back from your lab and no time to send it back to the lab for work. Planmeca PlanScan eliminates these waiting times, as well as traditional bite impressions and temporary crowns, to create beautiful, natural restorations for your patients - why don't you want your office to take advantage of this modern technology?

With the continuous development of digital dental instruments technology, E4D technology has created an online database for Planmeca PlanScan users so that patients can easily find digital dentists in their area. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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