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The Facts about Mouth Guards

Masks are made of soft plastic or laminate that protects teeth, lips, cheeks and tongue. It is very important for children or adults who participate in sports to wear

dental equipment


Optional oral guard types:
There are four different types of oral care options available to protect children and adult teeth in sports activities:

Stock Oral Guards - These oral guards can be worn without any oral guardian preparation. They offer small, medium and large sizes that can be purchased at sports or sporting goods stores. They tend to wear fast and may need to be replaced during the season.
Boil and bite population guards - These oral guards boil in the water for a period of time and then form teeth by applying pressure. They can pass most sports and

dental instruments

stores. They tend to wear fast and may need to be replaced during the season.
Vacuum molded dental guard - The dentist can provide this option to patients in dental clinics. The dentist will perform a dental impression on the patient's mouth and then manufacture an outlet hood to accommodate the dental impression. This type of mask can cover all teeth and may be more expensive than boiling and biting and leggings.
Pressure Laminator - Laminate mouthguards provide many benefits to the mouth. Thick mouth guards prevent tooth damage or concussion. Laminated masks must be customized by the dentist and more expensive than vacuum molded mouthguards. 1
Please discuss oral care with your dental professional and how they can help reduce oral damage in the mouth. If you are an athlete, consider making a vacuum-formed or pressure-laminated mask that will fit you perfectly. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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