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One Practice’s Digital Dentistry Success Story: Integrating CAD/CAM

Why do you need to make fundamental changes?
Change is not easy. If you are doing something, you may think there is no reason to change. The point of fundamental change is not to solve the problem that did not work, but to improve the work and make it better.

Expectations and goals
When I purchased our first CAD/CAM system, the dental instruments technical aspects were limited and difficult to implement. For our practice, our goal is to provide a single repair that benefits patients in a variety of ways. They will receive state-of-the-art treatment and experience the convenience of an appointment.

In 2009 upgraded to E4D system. Expectations and goals come from the many roles I play every day. I thought about what is best for my patients. The new system gives us more control over the anatomy of our restoration, and now we can choose from more options when performing multiple units. We can repair the restoration with a more accurate profit rate, so our restoration is suitable for our patients and feels better. I also considered motivating and authorizing my team. In addition, by increasing the E4D system, our practice has grown exponentially, our network proportion has increased, and the cost of our impression materials, laboratories, and disposable items has dropped.

My team is fully involved in the discussion of my vision. They responded enthusiastically, especially when they learned about the advantages of many E4D systems.

Overall team experience
When implementing changes, it is critical that the team participate in the entire process. When employees feel involved in the decision-making process, they will have ownership and assure the patient of new treatment options.

My team is fully involved in the discussion of my vision. They respond enthusiastically, especially when they understand its many benefits. Some people use new technologies for treatment, so they have personally experienced the benefits of the system. They are eager to share with our patients.

Development of CAD / CAM
E4D's recently launched NEVO scanner technology is the first scanner to use E4D blue laser technology. This technology provides better ability to capture details for superior data acquisition quality, resulting in more accurate and more accurate restorations. It is also very fast and easy to use with other features such as anti-fog and continuous cooling to achieve long scans without interruption.

Case Introduction
A healthy 39-year-old woman developed large areas of decayed teeth in her second tooth. Severe exposure requires dental pulp treatment. Number 2 relies on an x-ray column to place fugi IX core deposits. An E4D dentist with an EMAX full-profile crown was used and the teeth were bonded using a Scottish adhesive universal adhesive and a x-dependent final resin cement.

in conclusion
The fundamental change in my practice is not just adding new dental equipment or updating the system. Instead, it is about using the most highly developed technology available to provide the most advanced treatment to different patients. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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