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LC 3DPrint Box for curing 3D printed materials

Provide accurate printers at increasingly affordable prices; a variety of materials that are certified for long-term use in the mouth; and an increasing choice of ending products: these developments are helping to increase adoption of 3D printing technology in the dental field.

However, up to now, dental professionals interested in printing their own models, snap-fitting jigs, aligners, drill guides or dental crowns have encountered the same problem. Print output from DLP / SLA-based printers requires post-curing, post-curing units are very expensive.

Post-curing of the 3D printing element is necessary to achieve complete monomer conversion, which is important for different reasons. First, the method minimizes the amount of residual monomers in the material, thereby ensuring its biocompatibility. In addition, favorable mechanical properties such as high strength and long-term stability of the printing element are only obtained after the post-curing.

Even enthusiastic amateurs want to take advantage of these benefits. Due to the lack of an affordable curing dental equipment, they only need to expose their printed toys or everyday objects to the sun for hours, or place them under a UV lamp that is commonly used in nail salons. These solutions do not provide reliability, especially in the case of dental clinics or laboratories. Dental applications require the use of specialized equipment to ensure uniform light distribution and controlled temperature, and provide full spectrum (300 to 550 nm wavelength).

The LC 3D print cartridge provides the required functionality combined with silent operation and is reported to allow users to set individual exposure times. The internal dimensions of the box (26 cm x 26 cm x 19.5 cm) can cure multiple objects at once, so the program becomes very efficient. This aims to save costs by regularly using the device.

Based on post-processing dental instruments technology, the LC 3DPrint Box does not require additional nitrogen and is reported to reduce costs and help simplify integration into the office or lab.

This box can be used to post-cure various resins, including all Ndental 3D printing materials. These materials include Class IIa certified materials for the production of bite splints, denture bases and crowns and bridges, Class I materials for the manufacture of surgical guides, indirect bonded trays, and different types and cast materials. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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