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Using piezoelectric technology, ultrasonic mechanical vibration requires the application of a voltage to the piezoelectric ceramic. The resulting ultrasonic energy is transmitted through the transducer contained in the handpiece and extended by the amplifier. The advantages of this mechanism include enhanced power control, higher patient convenience and high sensor efficiency. The axial transmission mode of the mechanical wave allows a more precise method for the fragile tissue. In addition, no cumbersome cooling system is required.

Piezoelectric powered scales in particular have clear advantages over many other conventional ultrasonic dental instruments. In addition to the aforementioned advantages of general ultrasound, piezoelectric technology also provides the following features:

(1) Quiet operation

(2) Less water is needed during surgery, which increases patient comfort and operator convenience; Reduces management requirements for excessive stagnant water; Because unit efficiency is greater than 90%, less water is needed - no Conveyed energy or mechanical friction, so the secondary temperature rise is very small; Because the temperature rise is very small, the phone can be used without water. (However, the use of light water sprays may be desirable because of the cavitation or physicochemical effects.)

(3) Less vibration

(4) Small insertion type, not easy to operate, more accurate during treatment, increasing patient comfort

(5) The multi-functional ultrasonic unit has a variety of clinical applications due to a wide variety of accessories; in addition to inserts for scaling and debridement, many other inserts can be used, for example, for periodontal disease, apical surgery and prosthetic surgery. Programs; Dozens of various plugins can be placed on the same phone

(6) LED curing light can be used in some units - Compared with the traditional curing light, the assembly and operation are more convenient, saving time, money and space; light simply attached to the unit instead of the piezoelectric handpiece; very suitable for the bathroom Sealant curing and repair materials

(7) Lightweight mobile phones and hoses; easy on the wrist

(8) Can be used in almost any patient category; Ideal for routine prophylactic surgery and periodontal scaling and root planing; Convenient, thin insertion design for all possible scenarios

(9) small units sit on the counter; small footprint

(10) Convenient, color-coded power dialing on some units - in coordination with colored rings on the insert; no guessing of the ideal power settings for each insert, sometimes in other ultrasonic hand-held devices

(11) Inserts for piezo units are usually interchangeable with other manufacturers

(12) Simple, convenient barrier protection - The intraoral camera housing fits tightly with many piezoelectric handsets; the barrier protection of the unit itself is provided by simply placing a piece of plastic film loosely over the unit; in this position, the operator The water and power settings can be adjusted and the handpiece placed in its holder without contaminating the unit, which minimizes the use of surface disinfectants, which increases the time of the procedure and damages the unit's risk

(13) Hand-held parts and inserts are easy to remove and withstand high pressure heating

(14) Piezoelectric blades take up much less space than manual adjusters and other dental instruments

(15) The use of state-of-the-art technology helps strengthen patient relationships; communicating with patients and educating them about the advantages of piezoelectric scalers is a hands-on builder; patients feel more comfortable throughout the operation and are confident that they are Receive the best care.

in conclusion

Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Scaler is the staple food in our health room. Health experts in our office have advertised our new piezoelectric actuators and, more importantly, patients are very much appreciative of their mouths after maintenance visits. If you are interested in entering the world of electric scales or are planning to upgrade, please consider buying a piezoelectric scaler. This technology will stand the test of time. This is the ultimate choice for ultrasound scanners. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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