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Delivering a better patient experience

Dr. Heyman's practice is not the only advantage of dental handpiece. His patients also have a better experience. More specifically, handpieces have reduced the deafening buzz of other dental handpieces. The patented angle means there is no more "spaciousness" so the patient is more comfortable.

Using KaVo handpiece to help Dr. Mark Hyman improve his practice efficiency.
"In dentistry, we invade all five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste," he said. "If you reinforce each sense, then the experience of these patients will be very different."

Investing for yourself from the very first day

Dr. Heyman realized that clinicians face many difficult purchase decisions today. From a $100,000 CAD/CAM machine to a $100,000 CBCT radiology advanced system, it seems that investing in handpieces is just another way to spend more money on devices. He believes that the increase in the efficiency of practice and treatment results in investment returns from the first day.

"There is a temptation to look at the progress of dentistry and say, 'Oh my God, now I have to pay for something else.' This is not what the dentist's winner did. They said, 'Thank you very much for improving my career' ,"He said. “I want people to watch the general electric handpiece, especially the kava, and say, 'Thank you for making it easier for me to knock it out of the park.'”

Dr. Hayman explained how to invest on handpieces to pay for more expensive equipment investments that dentists might consider. Most dentists work about 200 days a year. If an extra hour is added each day by increasing the efficiency of the surgery, medical expenses can reach an additional $100 per day for treatment, and doctors' income will reach $20,000. If this additional hour produces extra crown placement every day, this number can climb to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

When clinicians use KaVo dental handpieces during surgery, patient safety and comfort are just two of many benefits.
“Life is so short. I hope people like to do their dentistry. I want patients to have the highest quality dentistry and the highest quality experience,” explains Dr. Hyman. "If you have an exquisite electric handle, a more delicate head, less fatigue, and a more accurate angle, why don't you do it?"

Dr. Heyman believes that investing in the better equipment you use every day is a successful investment for you.

“I learned three magic words from Dale Carnegie's organization, 'Leave a clue to success'. Look at what the entire United States is doing with the successful cosmetic repair document. I can guarantee almost 99.9% of people use dental handpieces,” he said .

"I bet that most of them are using KaVo!" he added. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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