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How to achieve ideal preparations

The Komet® instrument kits LD1316 and LD1487's tools can be easily arranged in Komet® stainless steel drilling modules to simplify detection, selection, and instrument handling after use.

Komet USA's seven device crown preparation kits have been developed to meet the challenges and practicalities of all-ceramic crown preparation.

The dental instruments in the LD1316 kit are systematically organized to create an ideal modified shoulder formulation for the inside corners. Also organized, the contents of the LD1487 kit allow unique chamfer preparation to be made with predictability, reliability, and efficiency. Proper application of these instruments to any of the kits allows for precise reduction of the crown profile to ensure accurate impressions (by scanning or traditional methods) and successful restoration of the final crown.

These kits include the Komet® S5858 contact breaker for tooth separation, the egg S6379 S-Diamond® and 843KRA bite depth guided diamonds for bite/flank preparations. The LD1316 modified shoulder preparation kit also offers two tapered rounded 847KR S diamonds and two corresponding dressers, while the LD 1487 chamfering preparatory kit offers two tapered circular 856 S diamonds and two corresponding trims Device. The instruments in each kit can be conveniently arranged in Komet® stainless steel drill blocks to simplify the testing, selection and dental equipment handling after use.

Create a 4 to 6 degree cone stump. Organize all transitions in the preparation process to prevent potentially damaging tensions underneath the repair material.

If the position of the tooth does not need to be corrected, the outer contour of the crown is reduced by 1.5 mm, the occlusal surface is reduced by 1.5-2.0 mm, and the edge is reduced by at least 1 mm without mimicking the coronary equator. To ensure the best fit for all-ceramic crown restorations, be careful to eliminate all sharp edges and corners.

Make sure that the preparation limit is at least 1.0 mm wide.

Create a shoulder preparation with rounded inner corners (Kit LD1386) or a unique chamfer preparation (Kit LD1487). Use the matching shape finishing tool (with red circle identifier) ​​to rework the allowance.

Avoid tangential, spring edge or lip preparation.

For occlusal depth markers, an instrument 843KRA was used with a working length of 2 mm and a short handle.

Use the silicone index to verify that enough material has been removed.

Round all sharp edges and corners to complete the restoration of the all-ceramic crown. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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