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These electric and air handpieces serve dentists' needs

Gemini High Speed Dental Handpiece

Johnson - The effective Gemini high speed handset is said to allow users to experience the same design, performance and user experience of their favorite brands at about half the price. The handpiece is designed to fit the original connection system and provide full interchangeability with the original dental handpiece, turbines and components. The Johnson-Promident Gemini handpiece is available with or without fiber optics and offers one-year warranty protection.

MASTERmatic Series Advanced Power Handles

Allegedly, KaVo's MASTERmatic series of advanced electric dental handpieces combine a combination of a three-gear system and a patent perspective to provide dental professionals with confidence in KaVo electronics. According to reports, the MASTERmatic series can now provide 20% smaller head size, and have the same excellent power and low vibration operation. According to reports, similar to the MASTERtorque M8900 L-type dental high-speed handpiece, the head angle is 100° and the knee angle is 19°, so the clinician can obtain a better experience under the optimal space and freedom of work. The new member of the KaVo electrical accessories lineup is the MASTERmatic M05 L mini high speed handpiece, which has a standard length and shortened standard length of the shortened stem head by 43%.

UltraLiteTM CX high speed dental handpiece

The Lares®Research UltraLiteTM CX high-speed dental handpiece features advanced ceramic bearings that reduce maintenance and extend bearing life. They offer a compact (Type 557) or full-size (Type 757) head and a MULTIflex-compatible 360° rotation, five-hole fiber, or four-hole back-end connection. According to reports, all Lares high-speed models have button-type digging devices, high cutting capacity, quiet operation and feather weight. Lares's distribution system is said to allow dentists to purchase quality, high-quality, high-quality factories with huge savings relative to their major competitors.

Ti-Max Z series handpiece

Allegedly, the noise of the Ti-Max Z-series handpieces is very low and there is almost no vibration, which is said to increase clinicians' attention and patient comfort. According to reports, the most striking feature of clinicians is that the Ti-Max Z series has the smallest head and the smallest neck size in any electric accessory handle, providing excellent operational visibility and better access to Hard-to-reach rear preparations.

T65 series self-lighting LED high-speed dental handpiece

TEK USA T65 series self-luminous LED high-speed handpiece is said to be the latest technology in lighting dental handpieces. According to reports, the TEK USA brand is superior to its similar-looking self-illuminating dental handpiece because the company's ultra-high-quality U.S.-made ceramic bearing turbine has a pushbutton push-button automatic sucker, and an upgraded electronic generator produces very bright white lighting. And six-port spray water to get the maximum cooling water.

SANAO precision dental handpiece

It is said that SciCAN's new series of SANAO precision dental handpieces provides innovation in every detail. According to reports, the handpiece's balance is very good, can reduce wrist fatigue, minimize mobility, and optional glass rod fiber to illuminate the mouth. Since debris often causes dental handpiece failure, SciCanTM will fill the area between the inner and outer sleeves where debris can collect and the shampoo resin. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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