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Georgian dentist Christine Scott said: “Choose a dental handpiece is really a personal choice, just like choosing a tennis racket or golf club.” “The most important considerations are fit, feel, maintenance or brand reputation. ”

In fact, almost every dentist we ask responds to these considerations, whether or not she has practiced for more than 20 years or just a few months.

"For me personally, I like titanium handpieces. They are light, quiet and suitable for small hands."--Sheri B. Doniger, DDS

"The basic quality I look for in my dental handpiece is body weight. High-speed handpieces are usually much lighter than older low-speed handpieces. Lightweight pipes are important because old pipes can strain on the wrist and hands." -Bethany Valachi, DDS

"I like the lightness of my handpiece and the torque it has so that it can do most of the work."--Dorothy Lee, DMD

“For me personally, I like my handpiece a bit heavy. You also hope it fits your hand. This is not a gender preference; it's personal.” - Christine Scott, DDS

"At a dental school, we need to buy a bag every year in our class. We include a set of preselected heads, including models I always liked on high-speed dental handpieces. I feel very smooth and light." -Lauren Wallace, DMD

"The lighter weight, from the lower nose to the wrist torque, the lower noise and the smaller head size are important." B. -Sheri Doniger, DDS

“Rotary cable attachments are essential, so the operator does not have to continuously twist and twist the hands and wrists to make them angled. Cordless handpieces are a good idea, but the weight should be carefully evaluated based on the merits of the cordless function. Be careful with those blowing There is a risk factor in the 'vibration' of the dental handpiece. No research has completely confirmed this in the dental field. "-Bethany Valachi, DDS

“Your hands should feel comfortable, let you focus on preparation, not how you hold the drill. It should not make your hands cramps. It should be easy to hold and use, just as if you are using a brush. bur should do You shouldn't use any extra power for this work."--Dorothy Lee, DMD

“You also hope it fits your hand. My advice for a new dentist to find the right handpiece is to go to the dentist meeting and try it out. Finding fit, feeling and easy care, and considering how long it will last.” - Christine Scott, DDS

Suitable for
“Dentists should try to buy by visiting a trade show or asking their dental representative to sample different dental handpieces before they purchase. Like a dental stool, one size is not suitable for everyone. Dentists should not be afraid to ask for a trial dental handpiece. They are both Price investment is also a longevity investment.If we do not use devices that fit our hands comfortably, we will shorten our careers due to the iatrogenic repetitive stress problems of the wrists, forearms and shoulders."-Sheri B. Doniger , DDS

"I look for things that are as quiet as possible. Most people with dental phobia find that the drill bit sounds most traumatic (after injection)." --Dorothy Lee, DMD

Corporate reputation and customer service
“The most important considerations are fit, feel and maintenance or brand reputation. If the brand has a good reputation, I don’t mind paying more for dental handpieces. In that case, I know that this product will continue to be properly maintained. Correct maintenance should be easy to do." - DDS's Christine Scott

"I'm a new dentist, so I haven't picked my own dental handpiece, but when I started looking, I thought I would pay attention to weight, ease of maintenance and cleanliness, and the company's reputation for customer service." - Lauren Wallace, DMD

In fact, many dentists think of weight, shape and feel when choosing a dental handpiece that is either male or female, easy to care for, and the company's reputation and customer service. It does not seem necessary to sell a smaller pink dental handpiece. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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