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Technique: Using Komet® instruments to simplify cavity preparation

In the simplest case, cavity preparation involves mechanically changing the tooth structure to remove caries, and creating a compatible foundation for subsequent repairs, restoring the teeth to normal form, function, and aesthetics.

The purpose of cavity preparation is to remove diseased tissue while protecting the dental pulp, locating the edges of the restoration as conservatively as possible, ensuring the shape of the cavity, and allowing functional placement of repair material. Komet® precision engineered high-quality diamond instruments have long adhered to these basic principles while continuing to meet the challenges of increasingly conservative dental techniques and minimally invasive surgery to maximize the preservation of healthy, natural tooth structures.

Finishing and polishing procedures improve the aesthetics of restoration, allow minor trimming and slight adjustment of contours, and more precisely define the tooth surface morphology and produce a smooth, healthy tooth surface. Komet USA offers a range of finishing and polishing instruments and kits to simplify the chair's process and meet specific material requirements.

Cavity preparation

To remove unwanted or defective amalgam restorations, select the H32 amalgam removal device, which has an apparently pointed transverse blade and is designed to resist clogging and heating. The H32 amalgam remover is positioned axially or angularly, and a plurality of longitudinal and lateral separation slots are cut according to the size of the filler to divide the filler material into small segments. Note: Some fragments of the filler may break when cut. Use an appropriate manual instrument or remove any residual material with H32.

For optimal preparation and subsequent repair success, precisely shape the cavity and cavity edges while using the appropriate S-Diamond® to retain the natural tooth structure that is as healthy as possible.

In addition, for the purpose of minimally invasive removal of soft crushed dentin, use a highly durable K1SM ceramic dental instruments that provides controlled excavation, excellent tactile feel and smooth operation.

For fast and conservative excavation, use H1SE or H1SME instruments, each with a circular working section and sharp transverse blades. In order to facilitate the minimally invasive excavation, H1SME uses a thin neck design.

For cavity preparation prior to repair with ceramic materials, use the Komet® diamond tool with a rounded working part edge to create filleted corners to prevent the formation of microcracks.

After basic preparation using rotating instruments, use the SFM7 (proximal) and SFD (distal) Sonic tips to prepare the ideal chamfer shape before obtaining accurate impressions of conventional or CAD/CAM prosthetics. The instrument has rounded corners in the transition area between the axial and shoulder regions.

Finishing and polishing

After placing the composite prosthesis, Komet's Q-Finisher® was used as the first step in the two-step finishing step and then tracked using the superfinishing dental equipment. Q-Finisher's specially modified cross-cut teeth form the ideal surface quality.

To avoid damaging the surfaces of healthy neighboring teeth when the interproximal surface is completed, the Komet® diamond band (with or without honeycomb structure) is used to shape and trim the composite prosthesis into a smooth, natural surface. These strips come in two widths and three sizes (medium, fine, and ultrafine).

After the composite restoration is finished with a tungsten carbide dresser or a fine diamond tool, the repair surface is prepolished with a light pink CompoBrite polisher and can also be used for minor corrections.

For the second polishing stage, use a pale yellow CompoBrite polisher to create a perfect high-gloss surface.

In order to effectively achieve the desired polishing effect and illuminate high-strength ceramics, such as zirconia, pre-polished with a light blue ZR flash polisherTM.

The brilliant grey ZR-Flash polisher high-gloss polisher produces brilliant light on high-strength ceramic restorations. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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