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J. Morita announces Tri Auto ZX2

The compact cordless motor is designed to simplify the procedure while protecting the patient's innovative safety features.

 MORITA USA Inc. announced the launch of the Tri Auto ZX2, a compact cordless motor with a built-in vertex locator. The dental equipment was redesigned using groundbreaking canal therapy and it is said to simplify the surgical procedure while protecting patients with innovative safety features.

The Tri Auto ZX2 can be used to achieve apical patency and create a gliding path with the new Optimum Glide Path (OGP) function. Designed for quick response, the handle allows fine and precise handling of trowels, enabling faster and safer treatment even in the narrowest conditions, including narrowed or curved canals. You can use rotating files as small as #10.

“Our dental customers are excited about the potential of OGP technology,” said Walid Wardaki, vice president of merchandising at J. MORITA USA. "Comparing with electric surgery, the ability to achieve patency through the motor and create a slip path is an important step in the canal therapy motor. OGP will simplify root canal surgery."

The Tri Auto ZX2 In addition, the device is said to provide proven Optimum Torque Relief (OTR) technology and is currently available for the Root ZX II apex locator dental handpiece. Torque is automatically measured as the file rotates. If the torque exceeds the preset value, the document will gradually reverse until the twist is released and then resume in the cutting direction. The OTR aims to provide excellent navigation of the canal, increase efficiency, and help reduce the chances of document jamming, damage, and the formation of ledges in curving canal and canal transport.

The Tri Auto ZX2 also has a built-in apex locator. The motor is associated with the canal measurement function and the liquid crystal display shows the location of the head of the can within the canal. To increase safety, the motor stops or reverses as long as the document reaches the end of the working length to prevent overuse of the instrument. The motor also starts automatically when the file is inserted into the pipe and stops when it is removed. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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