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Enhancing visibility with the Orascoptic Spark

Why do three dental equipment professionals like to use this lightweight cordless headlight system?

Orascoptic SparkTM is a lightweight cordless headlight system. It uses a lithium-ion battery designed to run for three hours. When the battery pack goes low, the battery indicator flashes regularly, giving the dentist about 20 minutes of use.

Here, three dental professionals share their views on the availability of Spark.

Anne Hill of DDS talks about Spark

I am very satisfied with the versatility of Spark. Just tighten the screws and attach them securely to the frame to easily integrate them with any pair of magnifiers. It is wireless, so it eliminates the problems associated with power cords and battery packs. It is very light and balanced, and the pressure on the nose is very small. Another great advantage of Spark is constant current technology, which maintains brightness while the battery pack is running. Lightly tapping anywhere on the front or side bevel area of ​​the battery pack, the headlights will open and close. It is easy to disinfect with soap and water or CaviCideTM.

What Bruce Hamilton, MS, DDS, thinks Spark

Spark Spark offers a circular lighting field that lasts three hours. The lamp itself is mounted on two axes, providing an unlimited number of angles and positions. When you select the lamp position and tighten the two screws, the lamp will maintain its position. The mechanism clamped on the magnifier is stable and strong and not bulky. The kit comes with a battery charger. Spark is highly recommended.

Evaluation of Spark by Beth Mobilian, RDH, BBA, MEd

I am a practicing dental hygienist who uses a magnifying glass and light source. The ease of using no rope was much more comfortable than I expected, until I tried Spark and I didn't know how much trouble the light had. For short-range and less difficult patients, I barely noticed the extra weight of the battery. Only when the treatment was extended for one hour without interruption, I began to notice the weight, but it was not uncomfortable. The tap function is particularly useful, so there is no right button to explore. Since lights can be quickly disinfected, maintenance is very simple. Spark is a good complement to any health worker’s armaments.

In general, dental instruments professionals find that Spark is an important addition to the Orascoptic range. It gives dentists and team members the opportunity to have more choices on the surgical headlights and show more than expected results. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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