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Planmeca expands distribution of CAD/CAM portfolio

Expansion will bring a variety of new distribution partners.

Planmeca announced several new distribution partners to expand its distribution agreement and added the Planmeca CAD/CAM product portfolio in North America. New distribution partners include Patterson Dental, Atlanta Dental Supply Company, Burkhart Dental Supply Company, Midway Dental Supply Company and Nashville Dental Company. This extension includes the recently introduced Planmeca Emerald Intraoral Scanner, Planmeca PlanCAD Design Software, Planmeca PlanMill 40 S and Planmeca Romexis software for the Adaptive Learning Education market.

 “As the demand for our seat dental solutions (such as Planmeca FIT) continues to increase, it is important that we work with industry partners who can provide the high level of support and innovative dental instruments and services expected in the market. With a record of 100 years of experience in the dental industry and our average experience in the dental industry, our new distribution partners provide sales and field-level support to exponentially expand the coverage of CAD/CAM solutions,” said Brett Hines, president of Planmeca USA.

Digital dentistry has expanded demand and created high demand. Users need ultra-fast intraoral scanning at a reasonable price, and they need a way to easily connect, share and control their practice workflows. Although some people may want to scan and send it to their laboratory; others want to provide the day's dentistry. Planmeca's CAD/CAM solution meets these needs.

Tom Richardson, president of Atlanta Dental Supply Co., Ltd., said: "Incorporating Planmeca's CAD / CAM portfolio combines all the components of Digital Work Flow with the power and control of Romexis software. "We can now help our customers evaluate and increase Each component of the workflow is the best for their practice, while providing the full support and personal care they need. ”

 “Planmeca partnerships reflect Burkhart Dental's values ​​and integrity on behalf of our customers. We are pleased to work with them to add and develop CAD/CAM product lines,” said Michael Norton, director of equipment and technology at Burkhart Dental Supply.

 “We look forward to new cooperation with Planmeca CAD/CAM. With the addition of Planmeca products, we can continue to provide dental innovation to our customers and improve the customer experience,” said Steven Kizy, President and CEO of Midway Dental Supply. Short news

“Nashville Dental Company is committed to serving our customers, from their daily needs to the latest in technology and digital dentistry. As the industry continues to transform, NDI will act as a company to adjust, while upholding our principles. We will continue to provide satisfaction. Quality products that our customers demand We are proud of our cooperation with Planmeca because it is in line with our values.Planmeca has always provided our customers with the best technology for imagings, and now through the Planmeca FIT system, we will make this commitment. It extends to the excellence of digital CAD/CAM dentistry. We are very pleased with the increase in our existing partnerships and look forward to providing these solutions to our customers," said Todd Brown, vice president of equipment at Nashville Dental.

Datter Misiak, president of Patterson Dental North America, said: "Patterson Dental not only enjoys an excellent reputation for dental supplies, but also has a reputation for customer relationships and services. Planmeca and its CAD/CAM product line reflect the level of excellence we are constantly pursuing. We are very Happy and look forward to establishing a flourishing partnership with Planmeca. "

“Our newly formed partnership represents the core value of creating a superior customer experience and an important influence that meets our brand goals,” said Brett Hines, President of Planmeca USA. "We are confident in the ability of the new distributor to consolidate the Planmeca CAD / CAM production line because it is the new standard for North American chair CAD / CAM." is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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