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KaVo introduces new digital X-ray sensor

DEXIS FS Ergo is said to redefine patient comfort and create a new type of digital sensor.

KaVo Kerr demonstrated its expanding portfolio of imaging solutions at this year's Midwinter Dental Conference in Chicago and compared it with the new DEXIS FS Ergo from KaVo. Built on the award-winning DEXIS PerfectSizeTM sensor and TrueComfortTM design, the FS Ergo is considered the latest innovation, which redefines patient comfort and creates a new digital sensor.

According to reports, FS Ergo dental equipment innovative designs and cleverly designed components to add convenience and flexibility to patient experience. The sensor is said to provide significant comfort to patients with a low tolerance to standard intraoral patterns, thereby providing patients with a more comfortable sensor placement. The FS Ergo has a rugged device that maintains the best image integrity:

Sensor Housing - Resistant to bite marks, the submersible sensor housing can also withstand a variety of disinfecting chemicals.
Cable and Sensor Connection - In a rigorous test, the connection proves successful through traction, twisting, tensioning, and bending forces.
USB connector - Built-in high-frequency insert and pull cycle, USB connection increases the overall durability of the sensor.
Profiled positioning system - Made of advanced materials, the positioning system allows the sensor to easily exit and protects the cable from wear and tear.
The Kavo Solo Doctor KaVo's DEXIS FS Ergo is designed to help reduce re-ingestion caused by uncomfortable patient movements, thereby increasing the efficiency of practice and creating streamlined digital workflows. By pairing the newly developed flexible sensor technology with a soft case, the FS Ergo can be "delivered" when shooting X-rays. Even the design of a proprietary stent system is unique enough to accommodate the curvature of the sensor to suit your patient and therefore provide the best radiographic experience.

“The DEXIS product has always instilled confidence in patients and practitioners, and KaVo's FS Ergo will strengthen their beliefs,” said Insiyah Ahmedi, Senior Marketing Manager, KaVo Kerr's Department of Oral Imaging. "The full range of DEXIS imaging dental instruments continues to demonstrate innovation and inspiring capabilities, and continuously provide highly diagnostic information that is critical to patient care through digital solutions."

We encourage dental professionals to visit KaVo at booth 1500 at the Chicago Winter Summit in Chicago in 2018 to experience how FS Ergo works for them. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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