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How to acquire clear, concise images with the Excelsior Pro

Why Catapult commentators say they prefer to use PreXion's CBCT machines instead of other dental instruments.

With the expanding role of diagnostics in our practice, Catapult Education members are pleased to be able to evaluate Prexion's latest CBCT innovation, Excelsior Pro. As a Japanese-based company, it has a long history of medical and dental imaging. Our evaluators are very active in evaluating the latest members of their portfolio.

Catapult education There is no doubt that CBCT is becoming a standard of care in many professional areas of our profession. From precise implant treatment plans to assessing dental pulp lesions, CBCT machines have led our daily lives. With the development of sleep diagnosis and assessment of temporomandibular joints, and various dose imaging as a wonderful aid, we began to understand the scope of CBCT. All of our four commentators had conducted cone-beam experiences in their own offices. Their overall comment was that Excelsior Pro produced stunning images.
The image can be obtained by adjusting the voxel and focus, but as a dentist, this is beyond my knowledge. What we all want is great images, low radiation, fast processing and software that we can use and will not be intimidated.

The main reason for evaluating this new CBCT machine is to see if this improved system can obtain clearer, concise images and provide better details for diagnosis and treatment planning.

Evaluators found the dental equipment to be better or better than other manufacturers' machines. No appraisers tested all competitors CBCT, but they had some CBCT experience. The average experience of the auditors was more than 25 years. All evaluators stated that they would purchase this CBCT and recommend it to a colleague.

If there are additional features that the evaluator likes in addition to the outstanding images, the problem still exists.

The team's admired qualities include:

Accuracy and ability to assist in treatment planning. Three of the four assessors were rated as excellent; the fourth was rated very good.
Increase case acceptance and customer support. This was rated as excellent or very good by the rater.
Then the question for the group is which aspects can be improved, and the answer is related to the complexity of the software. Like most CBCTs, the software may overwhelm and the organization feels that additional training is essential after initial training. They mentioned online training and generally asked if there is a way to simplify the experience. I think this is the key way for Prexion to enter the industry; education must be the top priority.

Other improvements requested include:

Panoramic images must be special because these images still have requirements. By the way, if you need to use Panorex images without using low-dose CBCT images, this will be a good internal problem inside your board.
The Bitewing image was raised again.
Big vision (we think it has been solved).
Combine a ceph without arms.
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