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I Use That: Compact Prism loupes

Why does a dentist prefer to wear these magnifying glasses?

Dr. Martin Goldstein, MD, General Dentist, Walcott, Connecticut, used SurgiTel's Compact Prism loupe for five years. He praised their site size, depth of field and comfort.

Dr. Goldstein pointed out that for many practitioners, the magnifier is an important permanent dental equipment.

"At this time, I use them for everything," he said. “My morning routine was: walking through my office, going through a small supply room, picking up my magnifier, plugging in the power, putting them on and going to work. I never tried to restore teeth or diagnose pathology. Do not put my magnifying glass. "

Since the magnifier is very important, Dr. Goldstein looks for several features, from function to comfort.

"Because you wear them all day, it must be very comfortable," he said. "So, you want them to be lightweight. You also need high-resolution vision so that it looks as clear as possible when you are looking through the lens. You want a higher depth of field, which is the degree of focus at any given time, so you There is no real limit to moving backwards and forwards, and it will not be blocked because your line of sight is out of focus. This is crucial, just like the size of the field of view. That is, when you are at a higher magnification. At work, when you wear a magnifying glass, how many work areas can you see? You want to be relatively generous.

"In the end, you need everything: you want it to be sharp, you want it to be big, and of course you want to be able to adjust the parameters on the magnifier to provide a comfortable and ergonomic posture during operation," he continued. "This is particularly important because it can help reduce the risk of neck and back pain. For this reason, SurgiTel mentioned the "inclination angle", which relates to how your eyes and head tilt, so that you can comfortably view your program. The field does not experience neck and back stress. This is what SurgiTel is concerned about.”

“Interpupillary distance is another parameter that must be custom adjusted, as is the working distance,” he continued. "These are all the measures that custom magnifiers should incorporate to maximize their effectiveness."

Dr Goldstein said that he also appreciates the design and aesthetics of the magnifying glass.

"You want them fashionable," he added. “It may seem trivial, but the appearance of the SurgiTel series is a bit understated and elegant - simple, compact and unobtrusive. The frame provided is contemporary, so you almost feel like you are making a magnifying glass statement of style. You wear them all day long. In clothes, people may see more with a magnifying glass, so you want to be as comfortable as possible on your eyes when wearing a telescope.I wear a variety of 'through the lens'. Those doctors who wear a flip cover look to the patient More flexibility. "

Dr. Goldstein did his research before choosing Compact Prisms. Their design and performance are important factors for him, and they stand out from other similar products.

"Given the magnification provided (up to 8x magnification), the telescope itself is very well designed," Dr. Goldstein said. "Even if the magnification is high, the small prisms can still keep them compact in the telescope's form factor, and they won't become inconspicuous because of the necessary length of the lens barrel. I think that the SurgiTel comes to a certain extent from having different design parameters. Other dental instruments manufacturers. "

An important part of Dr. Goldstein's workflow is the use of a digital camera as an aid to show patients the problem. He pointed out that his Compact Prism magnifier can help accomplish this task.

“I did a lot with digital cameras. After a dental hygienist told me that it looked like there was a fracture in one or more of the patient's teeth, I had used a magnifying glass to become a 'fragment hunter',” said Dr. Goldstein. . “After the follow-up visit, I must make my digital camera convenient. After removing the restoration and finding the crack with the help of a high-magnification magnifying glass, I take a digital photo and show it to the patient. I’m Blow it up on the screen so that some joint diagnosis can be made. "

Comfort and ergonomics are particularly important for dentists, and Dr. Goldstein points out that SurgiTel has a commitment to the health of clinicians.

"In this case, SurgiTel should get some recognition," he said. “Their CEO BJ Chang is committed to professional self-protection. That is, professionals are equipped to their own way to maintain a healthy posture during practice. They not only include a magnifying glass, but also include ergonomic operator seats and supplements. The lighting system of its magnifier line.Without excellent LED, you can not wear high magnification magnifier; one illuminates the vast field and provides a true color of the content being watched.

"SurgiTel has accepted all these considerations and used them as a platform for how they sell the magnifying glass," he continued. “This is a high-quality method that can use higher magnification while helping to prevent the back and neck injuries that are common in the industry. I think they should be praised.” is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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