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Karl Schumacher Dental launches new instruments and products

Award-winning dental instruments and products company Karl Schumacher Dental LLC celebrated its 70th anniversary with the launch of a range of premium recycled products, PrecísPointTM sutures and ExcaliBurTM advanced dental prostheses.

"After many years of satisfaction with Karl Schumacher's dental equipment and services, top dentists have asked for complementary products to complement their instruments in practice," said managing director Jon Watsabaugh. "We are proud to add a comprehensive range of products and instruments to complement our current instrument products."

Xenotransplantation The new regenerative product line includes allografts, xenografts, syntheses, collagen membranes and dental dressings. Allograft particles, putties, and pastes have been reported to contain 100% of human demineralized bone matrix and BMP-2 without the additive excipients needed for other products to improve handling. Karl Schumacher provided a xenograft-derived bone graft matrix and a synthetic calcium phosphate bone graft matrix. The xenograft particle is an osteoconductive porous inorganic bone mineral with a carbonate apatite structure, derived from porcine cancellous bone. The composite adhesive is a synthetic mineral-collagen composite bone graft matrix used for bone repair during oral surgery.

Karl Schumacher's collagen membranes are considered to be ideal for guiding bone regeneration, alveolar fossa preservation, alveolar reconstruction and placement around implants for immediate tooth extraction or delayed tooth extraction. When a wound dressing is required during dental surgery, foam, stoppers, and tape dressings are designed to work in a wet environment, control bleeding, and protect the wound from further injury.

Using the ideal alloy to make quality suture needles, the 300 Series stainless steel PrecísPoint's unique laser drill needle is designed to reduce tissue rupture. It has been reported that silicone-coated needles ensure smoother tissue passage and have a finer point geometry, with needles remaining sharp after needle puncture. The diameter of the design needle is adjusted according to the size of the attached suture material to achieve a smooth transition from needle to suture.

Allegedly, ExcaliBur drills reduce heat, reduce vibration, and provide maximum cutting efficiency. Each bit is precision manufactured using the most advanced Swiss-made 5-axis milling machine. The strength of the materials used combined with the one-piece construction eliminates stress on the drill pipe and reduces the risk of breakage, and is 2.5 times faster than the front mill.

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