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I Use That: Cavitron Ultrasonic Scaling Systems

Pat Martin, RDH used ultrasound scanners in her dental career for more than 30 years. Most of the time, she worked in Dr. Andrew Ing's office in Pennsylvania and has been relying on Cavitron Medium® to use Dentistry Ultrasonic Ultrasonic Cleaning System.

The Cavitron zoom system offers many benefits for her and her patients.

What Gatmate Pat Martin says about the benefits of Cavitron and ultrasound scaling

During my career, I saw many changes in our practice of oral hygiene. One of the biggest advances is the conventional implementation of ultrasonic scaling. As a graduate of the dental school in the 1980s, it took me a long time to accept the idea of ​​using ultrasonics on a regular basis. We have been taught that this is only for "heavy" fouling, and the only way to effectively get close to scaling and root formation is to use manual instruments. The insert is large and the unit is not easily accessible.

Fortunately, through advances in science, technology, and design, we now understand the many advantages of ultrasonic dental equipments. Ultrasonic cavitation can destroy bacterial biofilms more effectively than manual scaling.

I spent most of my career relying on the Cavitron system and found them very reliable. The Cavitron system I am currently using has a dual selection option for drug delivery that can be used to perfuse during the zoom procedure. I tried other brands and there are some differences. The system also incorporates several unique ergonomic improvements for the hygienist. For example, a lightweight mobile phone cable is designed to reduce the pressure on the wrist so that I can continue working for many years. There is also a wireless foot switch with Tap-On Technology technology that allows the system to be turned on with a single foot pedal.

Cavitron also offers many benefits to my patients. They spent less time listening to stones and stains on the chairs. Patients like how quickly they can feel the difference, especially in the lower front area. The use of ultrasound can reduce the trauma of tissue and tooth structure; due to the lighter grip, the pressure applied to the jaw of the patient is also less. Patients with implants liked the fact that we took the time to safely clean them with dedicated implant inserts.

It is important for me to understand whether my patients are comfortable during their health visits. Not only do I want my patients to look forward to their health appointments, but I hope they will be satisfied with this experience. This will often increase their compliance with treatment recommendations and make them more likely to return to their re-dating.

Ultrasound scaling using the Cavitron system can make the patient's treatment time more effective. Hygienists no longer "just clean their teeth." The role of hygienist has evolved into a major oral care provider. Blood pressure screening, risk assessment of dental caries and periodontal disease, and comprehensive medical history review are just a few of the many assessments included in each appointment.

In addition, the ultrasonic blades I used have changed a lot over the years. Earlier in my career, we basically had two - a wide flat insert and a "universal" insert. We now know that more than one insert is needed to achieve effective results. The old generation of inserts are mainly used to remove severe dental calculus. Fortunately, these designs have changed, with thinner and curved designs that can enter deeper pockets for the treatment of calculus and biofilm rupture. The Cavitron system has already completed this change.

It is important to use a suitable insert to obtain different levels of deposits. I use thicker blades to remove moderate to heavy deposits and use an elongated blade for follow-up. I also like the FitGripTM design of the ultrasound dental supplies insert.

Cavitron has been very reliable for years, and for me, the Cavitron zoom system is the number one scaling unit.

Dr Andrew Inge's Review of Cavitron

I have three observations about the Cavitron zoom system. First of all, they did a good job. Second, our patients like them. Patients who have not cleaned their teeth for a long time and whose teeth are heavy often express surprise at the ease of the process. Third, when I am a patient, I personally like them. I may be one of the few dentists who do not like to clean their teeth. I appreciate the softness and good results provided by the Cavitron zoom system. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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