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Dental launches exclusive OKTAGON implant system in United Kingdom

Henry Schein Dental will be the exclusive supplier for the OKTAGON implant system, which includes DRS International's two other modern implant lines.

Henry Schon Dental launched exclusive dental rights for the dental RATIO ® implant system in the United Kingdom. The new agreement further expands the company’s range of solutions for planting day-to-day work.

Henry Schon grows as part of many dental treatment concepts. In order to provide customers with high quality dental instruments in this area, Henry Schon Dental will act as OKTAGON's exclusive Supplier® implant system, which includes two additional modern injection lines from DRS International.

ROX-CERA Jared® Implants and Ceramic Coatings

The OKTAGON ® ROX-CERA implant (bone and tissue level) consists of a grade 5 titanium core and an additional ceramic coating, which supports long-term stable osseointegration.

The protruding part of the implant has a ceramic, opaque, biocompatible abrasion and anti-corrosion layer. Zirconium oxides are thermodynamically and biochemically stable. Compared to a pure surface, frictional corrosion is avoided and the surface shear strength increases.

The infraorbital portion of the tissue-level implant is coated with a self-passivating, biochemically stable titanium-germanium-nitrous oxide layer. High hardness prevents damage to the instrument. The smooth surface counteracts possible plaque formation.

BLT / Bone Horizontal Tapered Implant

The OKTAGON ® with its apical, conical BLT implants can benefit bones in unfavorable conditions. BLT implants are characterized by a high primary stability in cartilage and fresh extraction cannula. Grade 4 titanium implants come in a variety of diameters and lengths.

With OKTAGON's Distribution® implant system, Henrich Dental emphasizes its claims to provide a wide range of functional and high-quality products.

Dental RATIO® (DRS International) is a German company that develops dental equipments for dental implants and manufactures them with MEISINGER. The combination of high quality and the intelligent use of resources and programs ensures an efficient and cost-effective solution.

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