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Practice planning: Five common oversights

Designing or remodeling your office requires a lot of upfront planning - and of course it does not lack advice. But equally important are those things you may not have thought of. Here are five notes to add to the list:

1. Plan for adequate sterilization.
The disinfection center is literally the center of your practice. Unless you have an unlimited number of dental instruments, you will soon discover that if the material does not flow efficiently, then your patient flow will not. Remember to include space for sterilized furniture; and choose components with efficient instrument handling and proper internal memory to ensure that fluid workflows do not backtrack or cross in the same space. (Hint: Common cabinets are not designed to prevent these inefficiencies.) Also, please note that many practices are choosing to “see” the sterilization of a patient to show that it is taken seriously.

2. First design your working environment.
Although the look and style of your space is important for setting emotions, reflecting your personal style and keeping patients and staff relaxed and comfortable, don't forget about budgeting tools and equipment. If left behind, it may adversely affect your ability to practice effective and effective dental treatment. Find equipment that minimizes exercise and reduces the impact on your body, allowing you to stay healthy and practice longer. Consider your (and your staff's) long-term health plan for your operating room. Your back, neck, hands and joints will thank you!

3. Focus on total cost of ownership.
Your investment in dental equipment may cost between one and two decades of use - and focusing too much on saving money may make you spend more in the long term. Although the initial purchase price is important, do not let it affect the total cost of ownership of the entire product throughout its life cycle. Make sure the device purchase price includes all features (for example, sink, faucet, power outlet, and dental cabinet installation). Before you purchase the product, please discuss with the technical service personnel about the dental equipment they often use, and ask them about their preferences and dislikes of various brands. Downtime is expensive; technicians can provide great insights on reliability. (Another tip: Remember the old saying "Keep it simple.

4. Keep the same.
Maintain the same surgical layout from the treatment room to the treatment room. Standardizing everything from receivers and devices to storage cabinets can reduce your team's training time, reduce confusion and waste of time, and establish a smooth workflow. In short, consistency is equal to efficiency.

5. Build for the future.
Leave room for your practice growth. Think about what will happen down the line and how to prepare for it. If you are building a new building, make sure that you plan for adequate operating rooms for future development while keeping in mind the impact on materials that are circulating in practice. Plan your space for today and tomorrow, even if it means renting your extra space for a few years.

The last tip: Have fun!

Exploring your treatment room options is an important step to remember when planning or updating your scalpel. A-dec's interactive Inspire Me tool is a good start. Just surf the internet and choose your layout and device, apply your favorite color combinations directly from your computer or mobile device, and even request color samples. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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