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Why Embrace Laser Technology?

As a dentist, we can become comfortable in our practice, but every January, I will consider the challenges of the New Year: practice growth, office

dental equipment

and remodeling costs, employees, and of course, new technologies. One of these technologies is diode laser technology. This is nothing new, but many offices do not see the advantages diode lasers can provide. If you use only one slot for trough treatment before crowns and bridge impressions, you will greatly increase the productivity of your exercises and gain better visibility for better coronary impressions and better restorations.

This advantage can change your approach, but there are many other applications. Diode lasers can be used to complete gingival readjustment, soft tissue resection, ciliary body resection, soft tissue injury removal, perio application and operculecotmies (all ectomies). To add teeth whitening and temporomandibular joint and muscle pain treatment, you have a multi-purpose tool.

In addition to troughs, it can be used for minor gingival readjustment to evenly drain both centers before preparation, or to expose the decaying second molars during ultrasound resection or your patient has been around for years but will not go The fibroid oral surgeon has removed. Periodontal applications and the ability to change your health sector are other reasons to increase it today.

CAO SHP lasers provide stunning technology, all the energy you need, and the ability to provide whitening and pain treatment for TMJ and muscle applications. The SHP laser has an output of 5 watts and can be used in continuous or pulsed mode to draw or remove tissue. This laser also comes with a whitening attachment that takes less than 20 minutes to apply and an analgesic handle for TMJ pain and muscle pain. Biostimulation applications (tissue healing, extraction sites, and photocoagulation) can also be done with this kind of

dental handpiece


The uniqueness of the SHP laser system is that it integrates an iPod and controls the laser through a touch screen. One of my favorite instruments features is that I can use the iPod to process pre-operative and post-operative images and store them on the device so that they can be viewed in the future.

CAO LTM lasers do not have whitening or pain treatment for dental handpieces or iPods, but it offers a lot of power, ease of use and good hygiene applications, and the investment is slightly lower.

Both CAO lasers have more than 15 years of experience providing reliability, superior customer support, online training and one-on-one clinical support. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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