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High-speed AirLight M800X air-driven handpiece

Canadian dental handpiece manufacturer, Beyes Dental Canada, launched the new AirLight M800X pneumatic dental handpiece during the Mid-Winter Meeting in Chicago in 2018.

 Beyes Dental Canada AirLight M800X Pneumatic Dental Handpiece

"The M800X is the latest addition to the revolutionary AirLight dental handpiece line, known for its highly efficient built-in micro generator that powers LEDs without the need to connect to a fiber optic system in the dental delivery unit." Company spokesperson Martins Ozolins, DDS.

Like all Beyes AirLight handpieces, the M800X enables clinicians to have a clearer field of lighting surgery. Compared with traditional power optics, Direct-LEDs are also brighter and have more light patterns. The AirLight M800X also provides torque to ensure accurate and powerful cutting.

New features unique to the AirLight M800X include:

IS Technology - Provides instant stop function that eliminates back flow and noise when stopped
X Ball Bearings - Four times longer than traditional ball bearings due to new engineering design with special protective materials
Quatro Spray - Ensures excellent visibility and cooling with four specially positioned ports
Direct LED + - Direct lighting, powered by Beyes' signature built-in generator
Built-in generator - Fiber optic system without connection to the transfer unit
Micro-Tex - Improves grip during surgery and reduces slippage, improving patient safety
25W Torque - Provides cutting power to minimize stall and increase efficiency
Warranty 25 months - Extend the warranty to more than twice the standard 12-month warranty is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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