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Poseidon Oral Irrigator and Sonic Toothbrush Set

Oral irrigators and toothbrush sets are an important asset to any family dental hygiene program. Both the oral irrigator and the toothbrush come with three color-coded brush heads and flusher tips. Both have a two-minute timer and three different modes to meet the different needs of the patient. The toothbrush also has a 30-second interval timer to ensure that each quadrant's mouth is thoroughly and evenly cleaned.

The oral irrigator is cordless and the water container is connected to the back of the irrigator. Compared to roped irrigation machines with fixed reservoirs, this irrigation system is easy to use and can take you on business trips, vacations, etc. There are two different places that can fill the reservoir and these areas are also easy to clean.

One base can flush the flush toothbrush and the sonic toothbrush, so the dental equipment takes up less space on the bathroom counter and can easily maintain the charge status of both products. On toothbrushes and flushers, the handles are wide and the power and mode buttons are easily pressed. Both of these features are convenient for patients with limited dexterity.

Although I have confidence in recommending this flush toothbrush to any of my adult patients, I think this product is most beneficial for elderly patients, patients with limited dexterity, and patients who cannot use traditional dental floss for any reason.

The unit’s price appears to be comparable to other brands. Replacing the brush head and rinsing tip is affordable and can be easily obtained from the manufacturer. The Poseidon website also offers several different types of irrigation techniques for different oral care needs.

Sonic toothbrushes and oral irrigators are easy to use and clean. The convenience of both products with the same compact base makes portable oral irrigators and sonic toothbrush sets an important asset for any home dental hygiene program. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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