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Product review: Mirrored dry angles that don't overexpand

From now on, I found the only dry angle she wanted to use. They are mirrored to help improve the visibility of the mouth and do not over-expand in wet conditions, even during prolonged surgery.

For a long time, I never noticed my dry angle unless I got a wet balloon at work. Whenever this happens, I will throw it in the bin, then blow it dry and leave it on the face. When I can't use a rubber dam to isolate the teeth, if I try to protect the buccal mucosa in a space-constrained area, or use a dry corner when using adhesive resin adhesives for crown bonding, so I need a dry corner with me Work, not against me.

I tried Richmond Dental's Reflective Shields Plus. These dry angles are great! First of all, I don't have to guess which side should touch the organization. One side is a cotton cloth and the other is a mirror. The mirror is very clear, if I want it, I can use it to smear morning lipstick!

But seriously, these dental supplies are helpful because it can help illuminate the teeth I'm working on, or it can help indirect vision. The dry angle is flexible and the mirror surface is durable. If the reflective surface is in contact with the burr, it is not easily damaged. Unlike most other cotton products, dry corners will protect the soft tissue and the material will not clog the burrs.

I have used reflective shields many times and I have been deeply impressed that these dry angles do not occupy too much space after contact with moisture. Unlike other drying angles, they do not over-expand and hinder my view of the workspace. This is especially important when working on second molars. The drying angle effectively absorbs moisture, which keeps my work area dry. They are also stable. Even in long-term procedures, they will not weaken or continue to expand. This is very important for reducing office waste.

Dry corners have become a useful tool in my dental kit. I am very happy that I met these little gemstones from Richmond Dental; they are the only dry angles I have used from now on. is one professional dental supplies website which supplies dental equipment in UK with competitive price and high quality.


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