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Endodontics Product
Dental Composites
Endo Obturation System
Pulp Tester
Apex Locator
Root Canal Treatment Motor
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Root Canal Treatment
Dental Model
Teeth Dryer
Teeth Whitening Machine
Dental Air Compressor
Water Distiller
Portable Dental Unit
Dental Suction Unit
Optical Light Source
Dental Lab Equipment
Bunsen Burner
Centrifugal Casting
Compressor & Cutting Lathe
Dust Collector Vacuum Cleaner
Dental Wax Machine
Dental Amalgamator
Drill Pin
Dental Loupes
Digital Microscope
Dental Mixing Machine
Polishing Machine
Dental Trimmer
Vacuum Forming Machine
Vibrator & Visualizer
Welding Machine
Ultrasonic Scaler
Ultrasonic Scaler
Air Scaler
Scaler Handpiece
Ultrasonic Scaler Accessory
Dental Scaler Tip
Dental Handpiece
Slow Speed
High Speed
Self Powered
6 Holes
Fiber Optic
45 Degree
Reduction & Increasing
Handpiece Unit
More Dental Handpieces
Dental Curing Light
LED Curing Lights
Halogen Curing Lights
Optical Light Guide
Dental Instruments
Dental File
Dental Forceps
Dental Root Elevators
Polishing Kits
Dental Burs
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Small Ultrasonic Cleaner
Standard Cleaner
Large Capacity Cleaner
Air Polisher
Air Prophy
Air Polisher Nozzle
Dental Micro Motor
Micro Motor
Brushless Micro Motor
Micro Motor Handpiece
Autoclave Sterilizer
Dental Autoclave
Handpiece Maintenance Item
Dental Light
Surgical Lights
Examination Light
Dental LED Headlight
Intra Oral Camera
Wired Camera
Wireless Camera
Air Syringe
3-Way Air Syringe
3-Way Air Syringe Tip
Dental X Rays
Portable X Rays
Radiation Protection
X-Ray Film Reader
Dental Chairs
Portable Dental Chair Unit
Nurse Stool
Electric Therapy Chair

Reduction & Increasing

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Contra-angle handpieces include speed increasing and reduction handpiece. Like 1:1, 1:5, 20:1, 16:1, 4:1, 64:1 and more.
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