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Marathon N2 Handpiece S06 Micro Motor

  • Marathon N2 Handpiece S06 Micro Motor

  • PRICE: £98.99 WAS: £138.59
  • Features
    1. Basic model, Mini-compact design
    2. Right/Left turning ability
    3. On/Off Pedal Switch
    4. Non stage speed system at the dental N2 micro motor
    5. Free Plug Adapter available If Necessary
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Dental Marathon N2 Handpiece S06 Micro Motor


1. Compact sized control box with precise small and strong micro motor handpiece
2. Very High-powered and quality 0-35,000rpm
3. Our product has a virtue is tool exchange method which using CAM (twist the handle counter-clock wise to change the bur and can be easily restored back to the original position)
4. Another virtue is non-stage speed system (it's well designed to output from 0--- 35,000rpm by using non stage speed system)
5. Right & Left turning ability
6. Foot ON/OFF switch system


Weight: 2.0KG
Burs size: 2.35 mm 

Package With

1PC Power Control unit. (AC110V or AC220V)
1PC 35K R.P.M. handpiece
1PC Foot Control system
1PC Handpiece Support