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Sun 3L Vacuum Steam Autoclave Steriliser Machine CE Medical Grade

  • Sun 3L Vacuum Steam Autoclave Steriliser Machine CE Medical Grade

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  • Features

    Quick Sterilization within 11 minutes
    Installed safety valve. With overheat protection.
    European Class N Standard Sterilization Machine
    LCD display
    Specially Designed for Sterilizing Handpiece and other necessary dental device.
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Sun 3L Vacuum Steam Autoclave Steriliser Machine CE Medical Grade



1. This Autoclave is a precision instrument specializing in the operation occasion in need of simple, fast and efficient sterilization by the doctor or his/her assistants, and the doctor shall take the responsibility for such work. 
2. This Autoclave is equipped with the microprocessor for intelligent control and man-machine interface for convenient operation. 
3. With the distinctions in displaying parameter and condition actively, evaluating malfunction automatically, shutting off for self-protection automatically in case of excessive temperature and pressure, this type autoclave is reliable product in sterilizing.


1. Model: SUN3-I 
2. Inner chamber of the quick steam sterilizer (Diameter X Depth) 125mm X 195mm
3. Rated Voltage: 220V±22V,50Hz±1Hz ; 110V±11V,60Hz±1Hz
4. Rated Power: 500VA
5. Sterilizing:(Pressure/Temp.): 200~230Kpa/134℃
   (Both of above are Under Standard Atmospheric pressure)
6. Fuse-Melting pipe: T15A;T30A                                                  
7. Water Consumption volume per recycling round: 0.15L
8. Operating Temp: 0-40oC
9. Net weight:7.5kg
10. Gross Weight:7.75kg
11. Appearance size:30*19*35cm
12. Package Size:38*29*45cm
13. Power:500W
14. Sterilization time: 11min
15. Sterilizar Volume: 3 Litres
16. Required Water: Distilled water or purified water

Product Features:

1. High-temperature, quick sterilization: Auto closed at high temperature 134 ° or less, 4 minutes steam sterilization, the sterilization process only needs 11 minutes, you can carry out 12 pics dental handpiece or two sets of sterilized dental instruments, can a small amount of dental equipment can be completed daily clinical operations.
2. Easy to use: pneumatic power switch, the sterilizer door tighten, stop crying, said sterilization procedures start work immediately end disinfection crying, pressure approaching 0:00 to open the door to remove equipment. Fully automatic operation of the sterilization process, the temperature, pressure data LCD, auto exhaust after sterilization procedure is complete.
3. Safe and reliable
1 When the sterilization reaches 134 °, stupid and automatically stops heating equipment heating thermostat, pressure throughout the sterilization process has remained stable.
2. The machine does not have a safety valve, if there's something wrong, like pressure in-cylinder is not normal, the exhaust valve will automatically release.
Sterilization using dentistry equipment, dental handpiece. 

Maintenance and Service:

1. Clean the distilled water tank by medical once a month.
2. Clean the interior surface of the chamber by alcohol once a month.
3. Replace the fuse. 
(1) Shut off the power
(2) Revolve the fuse base by counter-clockwise by screwdriver to bring out the melting fuse to be replaced;
(3) Replace the new fuse and reset the fuse base on the original position, then use the screwdriver to fasten the base by clockwise.
(4)Check the correctness of the parameter of the new fuse replaced. 
4. Clean the sealing ring periodically
The user shall clean the sealing ring periodically for avoiding the influence to the seal caused by the dust/dirt left due to the long period use. Use the smooth cloth with distilled water to wipe the surface of the sealing ring or sealing cap gently. The user shall discharge the sealing ring for further cleaning or replacement if the air-leaking problem can not be resolved after the above process (The user shall discharge the sealing ring periodically for cleaning and inspection as recommendation by the supplier).   

Transportation and Storage: 

The autoclave shall be transferred and stored with the below conditions:
Ambiance temperature: -40oC -+55oC
Relative humidity: < 85%
Atmospheric pressure: 500HPA-1060HPA