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Vrn Dental Ultrasonic Scaler K08A Aluminium Handpiece

  • Vrn Dental Ultrasonic Scaler K08A Aluminium Handpiece

  • PRICE: £179.99 WAS: £251.99
  • Features
    1. Detachable handpiece, can be autoclaved under the high temperature of 135℃ and pressure of 0.2 MPa avoiding cross infection effectively
    2. Handpiece is made of high quality piezoceramics, as the prolonged use, the power doer not decay or heat.
    3. The scaling tips can fit with other scalers such as EMS.
    PC control, automatic frequency tracking
    4. Function: Scaling, Perio
    5. FIVE tips attached as free
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Vrn® Dental Ultrasonic Scaler K08A Aluminium Handpiece


1. New generational intelligent vibration technology, frequency-seeking is more accurate, scaling is more vigorous and gentle. 
2. Dentist has an efficient scaling operation and patient feels more comfortable
3. The circuit is using military level MOS power valve, much more reliable
4. AC/DC adapter is small, efficient, and better waterproof ability than transformer adapter
5. Special medical level liquid connector, safe and healthy, convenient for connection
6. Detachable handpiece could be autoclaved under high temperature and pressure
7. Quality guarantee, host warranty for three years and handpiece warranty for one year
8. Attach with five tips


Temperature: 5℃-40℃
Relative humidity: ≤80% 
Atmospheric pressure: 75KPa-106KPa
Power supply: For AC adapter:100-240Vac,50-60Hz,1.2A Max.
Output: 30Vdc,1.3A
For main unit: 30Vdc,1.3A
Packing size: 265*230*140mm
Net weight: 1.6kg
Gross weight: 1.8kg

Package With

1X Vrn® Dental Ultrasonic Scaler K08A
5X Scaler Tips
1X Foot Switch
1X Tip Wrench 
1X Power
1X mannul book
1X Water Hose
1X Thoracoport
1X box